Sunday, December 23, 2007

The BIG decision

Well, we finally did it. After 6 months of talking about it, mulling it over in our minds, praying about it and giving it a phenomenal amount of thought we have finally gone and done it. We have added another member to our family and purchased a different vehicle Hooray! It's a 2004 Chevy Impala, it's silver and I love it. We had originally wanted an SUV but they are just too hard on the ol' wallet. On payments, insurance and fuel. We considered a minivan but to be honest I've got a little bit of an ego that really didn't want to go there. We did look with an open mind but there wasn't one in our price range. My Mom had an Impala when I was younger and it was a great car so I knew this one would be fabulous.

It's no secret that my little Cavalier, which I've had for the past 5 years is a little bit of a small vehicle for our expanding family. Although it is a 4 door and the car seat technically does fit into the back, it's a car that's low to the ground with a trunk not much bigger than that of the trunk on the Barbie Power Wheels. I am thrilled to pieces with our Impala but I'm a little sad to say farewell to my old friend.

I bought the Cavalier a month before I moved to Kelowna and she saw me through a lot. We moved MULTIPLE times together, had dinners together (McNasty's mmmmm), saw boyfriends come and go, got married together (when you marry a Stone man he marries your car), she shared a Blizzard with Corey (that's right, ice cream packed into the side speaker), soaked up tears and housed laughter and most importantly - protected me through accidents and kept us safe going from point A to B and back again. On the whole the relationship was sweet but as time has worn on I've cursed her failing fuel pump, hollered when I smacked my head I don't know how many times on the side door getting Bethany out and attempted to fire the stroller across a parking lot or two when it got stuck in the mini trunk. This is no life for either of us, so yesterday after much debate and prayer I said "Farewell old friend, your onto another single girl. Who knows she might even want to change your oil more than once a year! Thanks for the 5 years, they were good."

Then I turned around, hoped into our new car and sighed - "Aahhhh, I can stretch my legs out and look at this - power windows!" This car is going to serve us just as well I'm sure. There is plenty of room for our family to grow again and house another car seat and other kid junk (playpens, jolly jumpers, exersaucers, the moon etc, etc, etc). It has amazing steering, which I'm told is "Old Man" steering, but no offense meant to all you Less than young Men who read our blog, I could almost steer with my pinkie. It's just what we needed and we are grateful, God is good. After all we know that everything we have is His, he's just asking us to make the payments for Him (They don't take Heavenly Express or Angel Change at the dealerships yet) for another 5 years and in return He's going to let us drive it and watch over us as we do. Sweet deal as far as I'm concerned.

So here she is, the newest member of the Stone family...

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Nice choice guys!