Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Barney, Piglet and Something super cute!

Who is that purple-hooded figure lurking in my hall?

Could it be Barney, escaped from...huh, where is he from?
Is it piglet after a dye job gone wrong?

Wait, could it be? No it couldn't possibly be....

It is! It is! It's Bethany, off for tubby time!

"I can't see my feet!"

"Thank you for coming, but it's time for my bath now"

"I thought duck was supposed to be a delicacy...this taste like rubber!"

Nighty, Night


Anonymous said...

I tell you, I just can't believe how wonderfull it to click on your blog and see such great pic. and stories. It always brings a tear or alot of laughter, keep it up Ashley..God bless you all, lots of love, Mom Kimmie

Anonymous said...

Oh Jackie, you are for sure right!!! I love reading the stories and looking at the pictures!! She is such a doll. Ashley you are doing a great job of pictures and stories. You and Corey are doing such a good job as Mom and Dad. We can all be so proud. Bethany, your housecoat is way too cute!!!!!!

Love yas