Thursday, January 10, 2008

A "Sweet" Dedication

The other day my Mom and I were working away in the office (ok, so we were working/playing with Bethany/listening to music...all of which are productive, really!) and a song came on the radio that made her get all teary eyed. "Every time we hear this song your Dad says it's his song for me." - Awwww, Sigh, swoon, GAG! It's cute and sweet, and I'm glad that my parents are still in-love with each other. Does it mean I want to hear the gory details, not really, so I will console myself with the "reality" that little kisses and song dedications are as far as things go. That's it right? Don't answer that, please don't answer.

This however, got me to thinking about song dedications, more specifically the song that Corey dedicated to me around our first month together and then the one that his best friend Rocheil dedicated to us both at our wedding.

We were about mid September driving in Corey's car when a song came on the radio that made Corey exclaim, "I love this song!" and he proceeded to bob his head and listen to a good majority of the song before turning to me and saying, "This song sooo reminds me of you!". This statement didn't make me swoon as it might have most women, instead it had me seeing red and feeling a little taken back. What song is it, you ask - Sir Mix A Lot's - Baby Got back. If you are unfamiliar with the lyrics they go a little something like this

I like big butts and I cannot lie,
You other brothers can't deny,
that when a girl walks in with an itty bitty waist and a
round thing in your face
you get sprung!

Needless to say, I was wounded and in shock. What was I supposed to say "Thank you" or "Oh, that's so nice"? Corey didn't mean to hurt me, but I was at a loss for words (one of only half a dozen times in my life). It's no secret that I've got some junk in that trunk, but at that point I had worked very hard to tone my body (and I'm workin' on it again) and I wasn't used to people saying I had a "round thing" in their face. I guess the look on my face was enough to let him into the fact that maybe that wasn't the right thing to say to a new girlfriend and he spend the better part of the drive trying to back pedal and smooth things over. I eventually relaxed and now it's a song that we find entertaining and special in it's own way. Ohhh, the romance, I know I heard that collective sigh.
The second song that I thought of was one that Corey's best friend Rocheil gave us. When Corey and I decided to get married I was excited, ecstatic and over the moon. However, I had one reservation, I hadn't met the woman who was his best friend and whom he held with such high regard. I've seen My Best Friend's Wedding, I know what can happen and I was afraid. What if she loved him as much as I did and didn't want to let him go....I voiced this to Corey one night, who after hugging me and then laughing to himself for quite some time decided to phone and share this tidbit with Rocheil! Great! Just what I needed. Well, not long after I met her and found that she not only wasn't a threat but also that she was a wonderful girl with whom I'd love to be friends. She was in our wedding party and things were going fantastic.
We got through a barfy rehearsal and the actual wedding ceremony,then came the reception. Rocheil got up to give a toast and informed us that she had a special song for Corey. My heart sank and I started to worry, "What was is it? Is it like from the movie and something like, The way you look tonight? Is it an inside joke? Is she trying to tell him she's The One?" I sat there, twittling my thumbs waiting until I heard the first verse of the song, The Man Song. And then I laughed, click on the link, listen and laugh with me. It is another song that has become a source of laughter and joy in our house. She's got married life pegged eh girls? Just kidding, but it is a great song.
Oh, the love, the embarrassment and the laughter that can come with a song. Do any of you have a special song that's been dedicated to you?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Corey & Ashley,
That is another great story and good song, we do remember it and the smile it put on your face. We do have special songs and I remember them when I hear them, but not until then usually... Keep up the great stories. God bless. Love you all, John and Mom.