Friday, January 18, 2008

Hello? Hello? Are you there?

Bethany and I spent forever playing in her room today and taking photos. Here are a bunch of them I captured of her with my cellphone, and what I imagine she'd say.
ps. Found the Lightroom tutorial, and I'm so excited. I LOVE this thing.
"Sweet! I found Mommy's phone...who should I call?"
"Huh? What do you mean wrong number?"
"Hi! Auntie Chelsea? How are you?"
"This is my room, hang on while I take a picture. There, got it!"
"Wait! Here's one of me too"
"Ohhhh! It doesn't look so good."
"Love you bunches, hope you feel better soon! Chow!"
"Ahhh, all my calls are done now I can head to the bath."


familymclean said...

Wow those shots are amazing, good work!

Chelsea Stone said...

I miss you guys so much...I think its getting harder now to know i cant just call you up and go for coffee. Its so hard to see the pictures and hear how much Bethany is growing and learning. We just want to be there with you guys every step of the way. We cannot wait untill Bethany has her new baby cousin. I hope they are more like siblings then cousins. I want them to grow up close.
Just seeing these pictures and getting Bethany's Call makes me feel so much better. Thank you Sweetie.
We send our love!
Hope to see you very soon.
Chels & Scott

Anonymous said...

Hey girl you are getting very good with the photo editing. And Bethany, my goodness you are such a beauty!!! Those Eyes!!!! Wow
Love ya
Grammy / Mom

Jen said...

What a sweetie! Good work with Lightroom. I haven't got it quite figured out yet.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ashley,
Your little Bethany is such a sweetheart! Enjoy every moment as they grow up sooo fast!!! Will be checking in now and then to watch her grow!
All the best to your wonderful family.
John and Lois McConville in Hope

ashpags said...

Hey Ashley! Thanks for stopping by! I hope that if the washer ever does spontaneously combust I can be photographing it from afar. I do think you might need to avoid laundry in the future, so as not to risk a spontaneous combustion in your own house. That could be disastrous. ;)

Bethany is super-cute, and I'm all about a girl who's already interested in technology! =)