Friday, January 4, 2008

Photo Fantastic!

Bethany's first birthday and the party that preceeded it (it was on Saturday so Grandma and Grandpa Kimmie and Uncle Travis and Uncle Wyatt could be there) came with many a fabulous photo. For months now I've been itching to download the trial version of a program called Adobe Photoshop Lightroom,. It's a program that a few of my favorite bloggers use and have raved about in the past, which of course made my mouth water...mmmm something more to play with the fun photos!

Unfortunately my computer has been pushing it's luck. And by pushing it's luck I mean it's been on the verge of receiving a good dose of my temper, which might look something like this

Well, maybe not quite that bad - but close, my temper, something we'll talk about at a later date. Or not.

This Christmas though, while Grandma and Grandpa were here, Grandpa John took a look at it and in all his fabulously, wonderful computer knowledge he fixed the problem! *BIG HUGE HUGS* to John! I was now able to download the program and could almost not sit still in my seat. Yeah hooray!

I downloaded it, and it's great. A little confusing at first but still pretty cool and the more I play with it the more I like it. I have a few photos that I think are neat (you know - the Brady Bunch version of cool) and I've gotta share. Some of my family thinks the first one is creepy but to them I say "Who asked you!" I love it! Try it, you won't be sorry and the trial is FREE, even better.

Anyhoo, that's enough of that. Check 'em out, let me know what you think!


This is the original

The edit, I love how her eyes look!

Bethy holding her baby, Mommy holding her Baby.

The cool new desk from Uncle Scott and Aunt Chelsea. Bethany thinks it's pretty sweet!

Awww, Camera shy.

This is Bethany's newest pose, it's soooo America's Next Top Model season 1.

Stirring my tea.

These next photos aren't so great because I had the camera in the wrong mode. Adobe helped tons but not quite enough.


"It's sticky!" Do you like the spaghetti face? It's her favorite supper.

"Hmm, maybe I'll eat the whole thing. What! It's slippery?"

"Let's try the fork"

The one and only taste. She's just not a sweets kid.


Amanda said...

Great photos! Happy (belated) Birthday, Bethany! She's such a sweetie.

Aidan's Mom said...

She is adorable! Love the picture of her with her finger! Looks like you might have a little diva on your hands! :)

Anonymous said...

We really love the photos and of coarse our most wonderful granddaughter. Ashley, you and Corey make the most amazing parents and your love for Bethany shows in so many ways. We love you both so much and the great job you are doing as parents, keep on loving that little princess as it shows up later as she returns the love 10 fold... Love grandpa and grandma Kimmie...

Janice Vandyk said...

Wow, i loved the first one you edited! very nice!!