Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Caught Up

What a wonderful weekend we had! Corey's brother Scott and his wife Chelsea , came down from Kelowna for the weekend and we got a chance to get in some good visiting. It's been a super long 4 months since the last time we saw them and although there are telephones, computers, cellphones and snail mail there is nothing like catching up in person. (Besides, ever try to hug someone through your computer? It's a little square and leaves you feeling a little staticy). Add to that the fact that when Corey and Scott talk on the phone it goes something like this:

Corey: "Hey, what's up?"
Scott: "Not much, you?"
Corey: "Not much, Small fries' getting big."
Scott: "Cool"
Corey: "How's work?"
Scott: "Good. Busy."
*Insert awkward silence here*

You get the idea, I don't need to continue. Corey will hang up from talking to Scott and I'll ask, "So what did Scott say?", his reply, "Nothing". They are the best of friends and miss each other terribly but they are male - which means their communication skills are well...rotten! And although when they are in the same room there is less talking they are both happy, Chelsea and I figure it's a) because they like to breath the same air and b) because we can talk enough for all of us.

It was so great to see Corey happy and to catch up with those two. We went to an Antique carshow on Sunday and the boys were in their element. How great it was for Corey to have someone who understood all that - "Transmission, Air Intake, Exaust Manifold, 6 Carborators" - stuff. When Corey starts talking internal vehicle things, as hard as I try all I end up hearing is the teacher from Charlie Brown "Wawa, wawa, wawa..."

Now that the weather's better and the roads are looking nicer we'll be able to go back more often and visit. But not matter what the distance, or how long the time apart, you can't change the love of brothers (or sister's in law) and the joy of family.


Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! you had me almost crying. You got them dead on! We enjoyed our time with you guys and we will make sure we dont let it go 4 months ever again.

By the way that pisture is cute but i look AWFUL! and very surprised we got bethy looking..lol that was difficult.lol

Lisa said...

LOL...I hear the wa, wa, wa, wa when my husband is talking history.