Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Little Mama

A few weeks ago Bethany received a very special gift from her Great Nan Nan, a miniature cradle. Nan has a neighbour who was injured in an accident and was forced to take a very early retirement. As one of his hobbies he builds these beautiful little cradles and sells them. My Nan has been slowly purchasing them from him for each of her Great grand-daughters. Bethany loves her little cradle and can be quite content at times to "Rocky Rocky" one of her babies in it. It's so sweet to watch the maternal insticts in her starting so young.

This cradle along with the chaise lounge her Great GrandPa (or Great Pa as we call him) made for her and the mini rocking chair he built for me some 20 years ago is helping our dear little girl collect enough miniature funiture to fit a whole house.


Anonymous said...

Little Mama. Yuppers she sure looks the part. The cradle is great and Bethany suits the part of Mama. Just like you did when you were little. Hey wait a minute! You ARE a Mama. :)
Love ya..see you at work.

Busy_Woman said...

We have a friend whose 6 year old has cerebral palsy. Every girl who meets him tries to mother him, pushing his wheelchair and loving on him.

That maternal instinct is STRONG and starts so young.

Lisa said...

Followed you here from Angella (Dutch Blitz).

Had to comment on the sweet pictures, the sweet baby girl and the beautiful handmade cradle. It's gorgeous.