Friday, February 8, 2008

The Stone "Smart" Car

Here it is, the Stone family's version of the "Smart" car.

Now unlike the average coffin on wheels you see driving around the streets of Vancouver this is a safe, enjoyable, quality, automobile. It was created with the utmost of care, purchased by Grandpa Stone with unabounding love and assembled by Daddy while Mommy stood in the kitchen shaking her head (I put only 1 toy together this Christmas...I'll leave the "hard work" to Corey. Stinkin' instructions.....grrrr). This vehicle is people powered, has zero emissions and can drift around corners like no other (when Daddy's driving that is) - it makes that Fast and The Furious 3 look a little laaaame if you ask me.

The 2 most important things about this car though have nothing to do with it's quality and everything to do about the person who bought it and the little girl who loves it. Grandpa Bert put so much thought into something Bethany would enjoy and I bet into something her Daddy would enjoy with her. He hasn't been able to see her in it yet but is planning on being here for Easter and I know she's counting the days until he can play with her too. She loves him and so do we, we're all looking forward to sharing some special time with him and Grandma Sue! Now I was a little unsure when Corey decided to set it up immediately after it arrived. It's a large toy and our house isn't that big. But seeing the huge smile on Bethany and Corey's face when she climbed in the first time was enough to make me shrug and say ok. Now I'm so glad that he did. Bethany loves pushing her car car around the living room or sitting in it and being pushed. She hasn't really figured out the going forward part yet, but she's getting reverse down pretty good. Maybe this will help in her driving years to avoid backing into things, like hmmm I dunno, Daddy's truck.

If you are in the market I highly recommend purchasing a Little Tike's Vehicle. The are the creme de la creme of "Smart" cars. Their customers are always satisfied, see for yourself...

"I'm Driving! I'm driving! Paparazzi? Ok, CHEEESE!"

"Seriously another picture, lets go Dad!"

"So he went left and I went right...."


Kami said...

My kids have always loved those cars, they are the best toy! And they last and last, Jack still likes them and because he's small for his age, he still fits into them!

MommyKnows said...

I love the last picture! Priceless :)