Friday, March 14, 2008

A future little Chatter Box

A day in the life... from Ashley Stone on Vimeo.

Everyday Bethany's becoming a toddler becomes more apparent. I see glimpses of me - she loooves her books, wants to be read to or is reading to herself (see video), just like I was and am, and I see glimpses of Corey - the goofy personality with quick smiles (again see video). I couldn't resist posting this to share with you. Have a wonderful weekend and to those of you starting spring break, have fun and be safe!!!

Oh and a shout out to Amanda a long time blogger and commenter on this post, Hope you have a SPLENDID day! Check out her blog, the video of Avelyn her daughter is Bethany's new favorite show - she watches it often, very often and loves to chatter back at her. Beth is allowed to watch a few 5 min movies on the computer while I'm making supper. She colors in her high chair and watches them, thus keeping her out of the way while I'm working with hot substances. It's about the only real "TV" time she gets aside from the Magic School Bus. Lately that time is spent whining until I put on Avelyn, she'll kinda watch a few of the old favorites but will point and grunt until I put the right one on and then nod "Yes Please" over and over until I play it again.


Anonymous said...

Dear Little Sweet Pea
Grammy misses you so much! I love to listen to you read. We have so much fun reading together and that sweet voice fills grammy's heart. You are a good girl and have a good Momma and Daddy. Can't wait until I am well enough to see you.
Love you always my little Sweet Pea

Love Grammy

Kristina said...

Very cute video, loved how she read to herself.
Watch out, you will have endless talking for sure :)
(I was one of those kids).

Anonymous said...

I love you guys so much,
Those are the cutest videos and letter. It warms my heart so when ever I read your blog. Thanks so much as it also keeps John and I updated on Bethany growing up. I don't feel that we are missing out on seeing her getting older. She is so growing up. I love her little voice. God bless, Love Mom and John