Friday, March 7, 2008

Come out, Come out, Who ever you are!

Heeeelllloooo, I know you're there! This is a call to all of you who I know are visiting here daily. Yes, I have one of those sneaky little things called a hit counter and I know that you are out there. Secretly viewing our blog, probably snickering at my spelling mistakes, drooling over my handsome husband (hands of girls he's mine!), loving our precious Bethany (even more hands off she's ours!) and just generally getting to know us.

Come on out and say Hi, please! I'm begging you*! See, I have this little thing called an ego (we'll maybe it's a little bigger than I originally thought if I'm asking this of you) but I check this blog about 300 times a day and I am thrilled when there is a new comment. Maybe it's because I wasn't popular in high school, maybe it's because I read blogs who daily have comments in the double digits and I'm a little envious or maybe it's just plain selfishness (not totally, Corey loves the comments too!). But really what I think it is, is that I want to get to know you. To be able to say "Howdy!" back and visit your blog if there is one and give ya'll a shout out sometime. I mean how great would it be to pop onto our site one morning and see a random post
"Hi (insert your name here thanks for the comment, hope you're having a splendid day!"
Not only would you feel a-ma-zing! but it would give me an excuse to use the word Splendid! - sweet!

Anyways, if you're shy ( I was for a long time a blog lurker) don't be. I only bite people who are sitting next to me, just kidding - sort of. If you don't know what to say, how about you tell me your favorite thing about spring. I love that spring brings lots of outside trips to the park, walks, fresh air, flowers and sunshine. (I dislike that spring in Chilliwack also brings the aroma of cow poop but that's a different post entirely)

So please, if you like us at all - comment!

*This post was brought to you by a frustrated and tired Momma, who after a long day with a teething cranky toddler is just looking for a little love. We will return to your regularly scheduled programing tomorrow.*

See spring! Even they came out!


rachel joy said...

Great little peek-a-boo picture! I'm out here reading your blog, but you knew that. I think. I'm still here. Here's a spring story from your neighborly town ... This evening when Max (3.5 yrs.) snuck out onto the deck when I was putting away some recyclables, he said "Smells like the farmers are milking their cows."

Kristina said...

Hi there,
I am a neighbour, I live in Chilliwack too! Same as you, I totally dislike the cow poops, unfortunate for me, I live near a farm :S
I highly doubt I am the lurker you were calling, LOL, but I have been reading your blog through Niki's for awhile now, and have really enjoyed it. So, thank you for giving me a chance to say hi :)

Anonymous said...

Spring means my family will start traveling again! YAY we miss you, and we will be there april 11th for a paul brandt concert on the 12th! see you then

Anonymous said...

Spring is spring ye'ol grass is arisen...I wonder where the flowers is... put on them glasses there they is! hahaha ok, so your mother is wackie, what can I say. My favorite thing about spring is that I get to go outside!!!!!
Love ya

Anonymous said...

I love being able to see the flowers spring to life, and be outside to work in my planters. I think I might try my hand at tomatoes this year. Along with wonderful dinners on the patio, And seeing God's beautiful creation come to life.

Amanda said...

Hi, Ashley! I read you at least a few times a week but have become a lousy commenter. Sorry!
My favourite thing about spring is how it's good to go get an ice cream cone in the afternoon. Mmmm.

theFLuX said...

I'm with you on loving the comments! I enjoyed this post! You make me smile with your great writing, Ashley!

Kristina said...

Hey, I totally forgot to mention that I loved the pictures!!! I love the pics of Bethany :) You two look so much alike!
You mentioned you have a counter for how many people read your blog... how did you get it? I am really curious at how many read mine. LOL.
Hope you had a great day!!!

Niki said...

That (the Flux) was me! I was logged as Andy! Sorry for any confusion!

mommyknows said...

I love spring skiing!
Green grass.
Not looking for hats and mittens before leaving the house.
No boots.
Extra $ not spent on heating.

Anonymous said...

Hi guys,
I just love your attitude Ashley, it is so heart warming. The picture is priceless,please send that one... I miss you guys so much and yes spring is in the air. John has rode his bike two days now and is getting mine out today, spring is here...Love you lots, God bless, John and Mom

Janice Vandyk said...

you know i check this to look at your cute pictures!!

sharona said...

Hi! I actually just found your site from Niki Frews and thought you looked familliar-but still can't place you and your qwanoes maybe?? Drop me a line sometime if i look familliar--you can find me on my blog:

Sweet looking family you have--you all look really happy!


Jen said...

I'm here from time to time! The thing I love about spring is that fresh smell in the air and being able to get outside for walks with the girls. :)

Erica said...

Hi Ashley,
I live in Perth, Australia and occasionally check out your blog. I think I found you through Janice's which I found through someone else' that wrong?! Anyway, I love reading what your blog as it's always interesting and you have a wonderful way with words! Your daughter is beautiful! I have a 2 year old girl so I can relate to a lot of the stuff you write. I am also a Christian - a member of the Free Reformed Church's in Australia. Anyway, keep up the beautiful posts and pictures!