Tuesday, March 11, 2008

They call me Mean Mommmy (sung to the tune of Mellow Yellow)

So we were in StupidStore today (read: Superstore...a story for another time) and I had picked out two toys for Bethany. They were just the Easter version of the Little People, whom she's fallen in love with and she was hanging onto them while we were shopping. They were going to be her reward for being a trooper. Anyways, she decided that she'd like to play dropsie - I hate dropsie, you know the game where baby takes whatever she can grab and chucks it on the floor while looking at you with that stubborn little face that says, "You said No? Watch, I say yes..." grrr!!!!!

I warned her that once more and I'd take them away. She may only be 14 months but she knows what No means and she's learning what consiquences are. Learning, not learned - so subsiquently she threw them again and I calmly (read: with a frustrated sigh and possibly the stomp of one foot) but them in the lower part of the cart. She was mad, and started to whine and cry. Again I told her that's what happens when you don't obey and was going to go about our shopping when I caught this old bag, er I mean senior citizen glaring at me as if to say "You mean ol' battleaxe of a mother, give her whatever she wants. Can't you see she's perfect and you are the real life version of Cruela Deville." Yes, I got all that from a look.

Again, I explained to the still whinning Bethany that she couldn't have them back because she threw them and didn't listen to what Mommy had told her. Although this time I'm pretty sure I said it louder and I'm also pretty sure that I was saying it more for that lady than for Beth. And what I was really saying to that lady was, "Mind your own business, I'm doing the best I can while I wait for the Motherhood Manual to arrive. They forgot it in the package when she was born and it's been on back order ever since."

Really what it made me feel like was, I'm a mean mom. Some days it seems all I do is say "No", "Don't touch that", "Stop Whinning", "Don't stick you hand in the VCR" (Yes she's doing that now) and "What's in your mouth?!" It's not that I want to be mean, but I also don't want to raise a Paris Hilton. Most of the don'ts are because I'm trying to protect her, keep her safe or avoid some major disaster, and I know that most of us Momma's are fighting the same battle but still, somedays it seems like it would be easier to just say yes. In the long run it's not easier at all when she's 16 and still thinks Mom's Yes=No. No, I'm going to stick with my guns on this one now, hopefully it will help then.

We can't be doing to bad of a job though. I have a little girl who aside from coming into the mood swings that classify her as a toddler (or a woman) is a happy, pleasant girl, who loves to say "Hi!" to everyone she sees. She's a veggie and fruit girl, who primarily drinks water/milk, doesn't like juice and is generally a good eater. She's got a tender soul, I can already see it and I know that even on my worst "mean day" I still love her more than I ever imagined possible. She's a joy and a gift and I wouldn't trade her for anything.

And just for proof of how "mean" I can be here are a few shots of her with her very first taste of brownie batter....if the cruelty is more than you can bear please feel free to avert your eyes. Or at least, sigh and drool a little at her cuteness..

Bethany had her eyes on Daddy the whole time. I think she was watching him close to make sure he didn't steal her spoon. (Daddy loves chocolate more than the Easter Bunny)


Kristina said...

Hopefully some mom will come by and post a comment, because that may help you out a little.
My feeling is that Bethany seems to be a happy little girl in the pictures. So like you said, you're both probably doing something right. She's at that age where she is testing you (i.e. dropping toy). Lot's of kids do that.
As for that old lady.... if only you weren't so polite :P
I am the same way, I will take one look and turn it into something else. Hope your having a nice day :)

Kami said...

Ashley I have done the same thing on many occaisions. The biggest thing you learn when you become a mom is to not judge other mom's when their kid is whining, screaming, crying etc. Instead, remember that when your own kid is doing that there is always a VERY good reason.

Hopefully I'll remember when I am battleax age ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Corey,Ashley & Bethany,
We love your stories so much, it puts a big smile on our faces and blesses us abundantly. We love you all so much and love the pics. they are so great. God bless you all, Love John & Mom...