Thursday, March 6, 2008

What if? Why not? Here we go!

Have I ever mentioned that I'm a "what if"-er? I am terrible for what iffing things to death (do you like all the new words I'm making up? iffing? hmm somehow I think that ol' battle axe of an english teacher I had would roll over her donut for that one.). What if this shirt doesn't match those pants I have at home? What if something happens while we're apart? What if I'm not smart enough? What if Bethany doesn't want to be my pal when we're older? What if I get pregnant and I hate it again? What if I eat that hamburger and I gain 50lbs and my clothes never fit again? (I didn't say I was rational), What if this new venture doesn't turn out the way I want?

No my What ifs, don't often make sense, and yes, they drive my husband absolutely crazy. I'm not good at living in the moment, and not thinking of the tomorrow. I know I'm supposed to live for today but well, can't I just kinda live for tomorrow so I'm prepared? There is nothing I dislike more than being unprepared. Well, I guess that's not totally true, I also really don't like changes to my routine. I love routine, I love that everything has a place, that 8 o'clock is Bethy's bathtime, you get the idea - I'm boring.

So, when I know things are going to change I what if them to death so that I am prepared for how I should react. Most often this proves helpful because I avoid saying things I shouldn't. You see, my mouth often starts moving before my brain wheels start turning. Which can result in many things, one of which was an aweful situation when I was 15 and had just started working at a pharmacy.

In pharmacies you find all sorts of products, lipstick (yay), eyeshadow (hooray!), Mini Eggs (ohhh how I love thee), feminie products - read: pads, tampons... and condoms. One night I had a customer come in and ask:
"Do you sell Extra Large Condoms?"
This wasn't a situation I'd what iffed!!!! What was I going to do? I couldn't think fast enough and as shy as I was then (yes it's true) this is what I blurted out
"No but we do have an Extra Small..."
He was horrified and left right away and I wanted to crawl into a hole. The only reason I knew that was because I'd just put a sale sign on them. Aparently nobody wants to go to the till with "Extra Small" condoms.

Needless to say, after that I've tried very hard to what if any and every possible situation.

Which is what I've done see I've officially decided to start selling PARTY LITE CANDLES!!!!! I'm excited and scared and happy. What if it provess to be a success? What if Bethany and Corey hate me forever for being gone a couple nights or afternoons a month? (We've talked about it and Corey's supportive of course. He's amazing that way!!) What if nobody wants to make a purchase or book a party? What if I drool a little when I'm talking and they think I have rabies? What if I accidentally light my shirt on fire, the hostess puts it our with water, it was a white shirt and now they can see my bra? (See again, not really rational).

Anyways, that's the big announcement, I'm now a Pary Lite Consultant. In a few days there will be a link on my side bar should you be interested in the products, a purchase, a party or if you're like me are just plain snoopy. (I'm nosy that's why I read blogs) We've prayed about it and now we'll see what happens.

For tonight I'm going to what if my self to bed and to sleep. I'm mean really, "What if Bethany sleeps through the night?"


WriterMommy said...

That story about the condoms made me laugh my coffee out of my nose. Pretty funny stuff. And I hope YOU have a splendid day!

Kristina said...

I had not read this one!!! Gave me the laugh I needed, LOL. Thanks :) I totally loved the pharmacy/condom story.
I really hope/pray that the Party Lite venture goes well for you.
And just so you know, you are not alone in the "what if's". I have a sever case of them, and it drives my family NUTS!!! LOL.