Saturday, March 22, 2008

When Grandpa comes to play

Grandpa's here, the weather was nice, why wouldn't you go to the park to play?

This picture makes me catch my breath - 3 generations of Stones, surrounded by water - could it be any more perfect?

We had a wonderful day today with Grandpa and we are looking forward to sharing Easter with him. I'm sure I'll have more photos later but tonight I'm tired and I have something else I want to share. Actually I'm not going to do the sharing I am going to direct you, scratch that I'm going to order you (in a polite and only slightly bossy manner) to Chelsea & Scott's blog. They have some very exciting (like pee your pants or punch somebody - exciting) news to share. Read it, clap and cheer about it and then leave them a comment! Ok? Got it dude? Great, thanks!
And Happy Easter - He is Risen!


Kristina said...

Congratulations, your gonna be an Auntie! Yippee! You must be so excited!
I love babies too (I have THE baby addiction, although not married, so addication has to be under control, LOL). I've so happy for all of you!
Oh, and I LOVED the pictures!!!! They were so pretty, the color was so great! Wowies!

Anonymous said...

He is Risen indeed!!!! Oh how exciting Easter is for me. It is my 40th Spiritual Birthday. 40 years ago today I asked Jesus into my life. I was able to spend the day with my dear husband and children and Bethany's other Grandpa. How exciting a day it was.

Anonymous said...

Hey Auntie and Uncle! Thanks for the excitement over our soon to be lil one in your blog. Such insanely exciting news I want to share with the whole world.

Wow I love the 3 generation photo. How perfect is it! Im glad that you had a good visit with grandpa.

Love all 3 of you tons

Lisa said...

Congrats to you!!!

Those are breath taking pics!!!

I love seeing pics of daddies (and grandpas!) and their little girls :)

Anonymous said...

Granpa has not stopped smiling and telling Bethany stories since he came home....she has him heart and soul...

See you soon

Bert and Sue