Sunday, April 13, 2008


This weekend was a really great AhHa! kinda weekend. Not like "AhHa, there's that piece of cheese Bethany dropped like a month ago", or "AhHa, I knew I'd put that birthday card somewhere, to bad it was supposed to be mailed in November - of 2007!" and it certainly wasn't like that moment when I said, "AhHa!!! There are my feet!" after I had Bethany.

No, it was more like, well, exactly like, "AhHa! Here is my husband, and this is our marriage and it's lovely, wonderful even." Yes, Corey and I finally had a night away, in a beautiful hotel, alone. It's something we haven't done since our honeymoon and something we both really needed.

As many of you parents know (or even married's who are busy with life), it's very easy to put kids, work, housework, dinner, grocery shopping, kids again, laundry, TV (shameful I know, but true...kinda), phone calls, computers, blogs, laundry again and well, just about everything else ahead of taking alone time to nuture your marriage. Now don't get me wrong, Corey and I have a great relationship and work together as a team in a very efficient (read: the house is relatively clean, cluttered but clean and the car is running and happy about it) kinda way. We have our evenings together and the odd night that Grammy and Papa steal Bethany, but for the most part the free time is spent doing something else. We know that it's very important to put your spouse first and in the important things we definately do, however that doesn't mean you don't need some time now and again. And that's exactly what this weekend was.

We spent yesterday afternoon and night in Vancouver at the Coast Plaza hotel. An absolutely amazing hotel with beautiful rooms and great service. We walked two blocks to the beach, looking at shops, walking along the beach and reveling in the novelty of holding hands again. When your arms are usually full of a toddler (whom we missed unbelievably) or a diaper bag (Which oddly enough, I didn't even think of once) you often aren't able to hold your other half's hand. You know it's there and feel the comfort of their presence beside you but, man, when you hold hands again after what seems like too long, it sure feels good! Almost in a butterflies kinda way. We also walked back down to the beach later and had supper at the Boathouse restaurant, yum! The food was delish and the view was gorgeous, looking out over English Bay. Our room had a jacuzzi tub that I think I want here, I almost fell asleep. The rest is NOYB (No of Yo Business) but then today we got up had room service breaky and headed to Metrotown, not before going for one more walk back to this great cupcake bakery that we discovered to purchase mini cupcakes for dessert.

We had great fun shopping, found a dress for a wedding next weekend, swim trunks for Corey, toys for Bethany and Lush products for us both! Oh, Lush how I enjoy thee... Then we got lost in the mall trying to find our car, after four parking level attempts we found it and were on our way home.

And ya know, we had one more AhHa moment....."AhHa! We're home, with our girlie in our arms and really, this is where we belong." We've talked, cuddled, reconnected, laughed and just been together. And ya know, it feels good. We're recharged and ready to take on the next little surprise life has around the corner for us and our family!


Kami said...

What a great weekend Ashley, those are so good and it's so nice to go back to your kids after:-)

You have me thinking of Vancouver, I have walked on that very beach, eaten at the Boathouse and had cupcakes from CUPCAKES!!!!

Mmmmm, *wipes drool off chin* cupcakes.....

Niki said...

Lucky ducks!!! I'm jealous (just a bit) but happy you were able to have such a nice week-end away with your honey!! Sounds divine! :)

Lisa said...

I miss those moments. It's been a long while since we've had a weekend alone. Trying to find someone (or someones) to watch all THREE kids for the weekend is difficult.

Almost as difficult as working opposite shifts.

But just that one Saturday a month for date night, helps us tremendously.

Good for you for getting away!

Sherri said...

Ok..I loved the 'tude story.. I think I've gone through the exact thing with Makenna..many times already.. she's got a BIG 'tude. Stomps her feet, runs away from me and then throws her self down on the ground! I think it's from her dad! Bethany is sooo cute. I love your photo's too.. what editing program do you use?