Thursday, April 24, 2008

Brace Yourselves

Have I ever mentioned that I'm a class A procrastinator? Probably not, I mean I probably meant to but figured I do it later. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not lazy and there really isn't very often that I'm sitting on the rather soft and squishy laurels that I've been given. What with Bethany, Corey, work, housework and PartyLite my life is rather full, and I'm sure you, like my husband are thinking, "How can you possibly procrastinate and still manage those things." (You're thinking that if you're nice and want to make me feel better) And when it comes to those things I do manage to keep them all going and not put things off. However, I do put off the other less important but still necessary things in life. This poor blog is a good example and well, here, let me explain...

If you were to walk into my house tonight and take a look at my desk you would see mountains, not mole hills, small piles or even stacks, but MOUNTAINS of unfiled and uncared for papers. These are actually all sorts of important things that I should be looking after and filing them would probably take all of 15 minutes but I don't wanna do it now. I'm tired and sick of filing I did that all day at work - I'll do it later. Good thing I remember to pay the bills located in said Mountain on time or I'd have a mountain of other papers from people who don't like procrastinators. If you were to walk into my room, you'd see a pile of clothes that are multiple sizes too big, left over from the early postpardum days (Ok so the first year's worth) that are on top of a box that's full that have been there far to long, but I just haven't taken the time to sort them and find another box and put them in storage. Again - later.

My house (which is always clean but often cluttered) isn't the only area of procrastination. No, I have put off going to the Dentist for longer than I'm going to admit to any of you. Now thank goodness I'm picky about brushing my teeth well, because I'm afraid it's been so long since my last visit that a marine biologist may have found new kinds of algae growing on said teeth. (Breath! I said may have, I do brush them often and well). However, as well as I brushed it didn't prevent all sorts of tarter from taking root and making the dental appointment that I finally went to on Tuesday very painful. I say "finally" because I've procrastinated this 4 times. I hate the dentist, well actually I love our dentist he's an old family friend but I'd rather see him at a family BBQ rather than behind a mask wielding a sharp tool aimed for my mouth. I learned a good lesson this time though, don't leave it that many years between visits, He will make you pay....This trip was particularly traumatizing because I was informed that I need braces!

That's right, me 24 years old and I need braces because my top teeth and my bottom teeth can't make nice and be friends. Nooooo, they've decided to be enemies and grind on each other's nerves - causing my teeth to wear down. Great! Just what I wanted to hear.

And you know what people, I have every intention of procrastinating this too! Yes, that's right, I'm not going to let them put half of Sir Lance-a-lot's armour in my mouth until I have too. Or at least until I've had the next baby and I won't run the risk of hormonal pregnancy emotions mixed with painful dental attire. Thank goodness the Orthodontist is a procrastinator too (ok, so he's actually just really busy but I don't want to be the only one....can't I just keep that one illusion?) and can't see me for 3 or 4 months. I figure that gives me that much time to start that vicious cycle, and by the time he's ready I'll have created a really good excuse to wait a little bit longer. I won't wait long enough to cause any super major damage but long enough to gear myself up for the "joy" of it all.

Anyways I will do my best to not procrastinate this blog too often in the future. But brace yourselves because the emotions that are gonna come with the addition of the Terminator to my mouth is going to make for some, very, interesting, blog posts!

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Kristina said...

Hey Ashley, I totally understand about teeth and and filling. I have mountains of papers growing, and a problem grinding at night! The dentist wants me to wear a guard, but I'm putting that off because 1. I am scared I will choke to death 2. There is no wear on my teeth.
So, some things you can procrasinate with easier then others I guess.
About those emotions you mentioned... are you "expecting" baby #2 anytime soon???