Monday, May 5, 2008

A reunion, a cadillac and a lotta laughs

This past weekend was yet another crazy whirlwind of days. We left on Friday afternoon for Kelowna, to spend a weekend with Corey's family. They were having a family reunion to meet a long lost cousin and also to celebrate his grandparent's anniversary. Both of those two things were great but it's also a really good excuse to get together, eat some food and gab.

Corey, Bethany and I were able to get in some really great visiting time with Grandma and Grandpa Kimmie, as well as Uncle Scott and Auntie Chelsea, and Uncle Travis and Uncle Wyatt. Saturday had two really great highlights for me, Bethany and I got to spend the morning shopping and visiting with Chelsea, something that happens far too rarely. And then in the afternoon we got to witness this:

Cadillac from Ashley Stone on Vimeo.

The car that they are moving is Corey's 1972 Cadillac Sedan DeVille. It was his Grandma Stone's car before she passed away and now it's his. That car is something that Corey takes great pride in and one day we plan on restoring it for showing. I am told that she (why are car's always "shes" is it because they have trunks, often full of junk?) has some great potential and as you can see she's as heavy as the Titanic, safe - that's what that means apparently.

Sunday we had a lovely day visiting friends in Summerland and having family portraits done by Emblem Photography they should be finished in a week or so and I'm so excited (watch for them I'll post 'em when they're ready)! It was great getting to visit with Dustin and Christy and getting to know them better. We also are going to put in a HUGE plug for them, Hire them, I promise you won't be disappointed. They are so friendly, talented and a real joy to have around.

It was a great weekend, a very long one, we didn't get in until 10 Sunday night but over all a good time. I didn't get a whole bunch of photos but here are two that I know will warm your hearts like they did mine.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness what a feet that was!!! You guys did a great job! I can hardly wait until that "dear lady" is restored. It is a beautiful piece of machinery. Corey, if I am good when you get it done can I help wax her? I don't know anything about mechanics but oh my it would be fun to help polish her up. Sounds like a fun great weekend. Love you guys and give Bethany a hug from Grammy.

Anonymous said...

Dad got a good laugh and a little nostalgic...So happy to see 'Ma's' car being taken care of...cant wait to see the shine put back into her.....Your Grandma would be proud to see how much you care about it and happy that you will love it as much as she did...I believe she is smiling and 'yelling..."Corey you better take care of that car now it;s yours, and hey watch that paint, dont run over my roses"...he he
Great video....Scott (golieth)..(watch your back) and those very handsom brothers..a great memory one of many to come on the 'Stone Ranch' of the future..

Love Dad and Sue..

Anonymous said...

You know your preggo when you read a blog and ball through the whole thing. I appreciate your mentioning our shopping time. I love spending time with you two gals. That whole weekend was so great just to spend so much time with you guys. All the bro's together and wow does it make me want you adition to come quicker. just think in a year bethany will be teaching our little one all she knows, bad and good.

WHAT a Video, like Sue said this is deffinatly a great memory for our future, looking back and giggling over your husbands(Im trying to take a poo) face and my husband's arms almost blowing up. Oh and don't forget our small minded travis that just couldnt stay away from those mice.

Can't wait to have the next visit. Love you all
Hugs and Kisses

Janice Vandyk said...

i love the last picture!!