Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Slackers and Smells

Does anybody else feel like I'm slacking? I sure do! Not like I'm slacking in my day-day real life (only Corey and Bethany and the Good Lord know how crazy busy that is) but rather my internetting, blog life. You know where I spend a leasurely hour some time in my day reading and parousing other's blogs, leaving what I think are witty (others think are dorky) comments and laughing at the antics in their lives. Then sometime in that hour I also find time to write a blog post of my own that will hopefully do one of two things both resulting in tears - either laughter that causes tears to pour down your cheeks or emotion that causes that one single tear that movie lovers everywhere know is very dramatic.

Lately however it seems that I have time to string a few sentences together here and there, throw a bunch of photos (beautiful ones from the last post) together and click there's a post. It's measly, pathetic even but hopefully it's been keeping all you faithful visitors happy. Between my PartyLite and working, the laundry, swimming lessons (woot are they ever fun!) and general life this blog has gone past the back burner to that place behind your stove that nobody wants to clean because it's bound to be utterly disgusting, which is why stoves are against walls and are really hard to move - right? Common, right? Anyways, that's where it's been I'm sorry but I really haven't had the time to change that, until now.

Today I figured I'd turn over a new leaf and say hello, using more that 1 word and less than 4 photos. Today however, aside from saying hello I also have an announcement. It's not an announcement of the diaper variety (because there are people who are far more impatient that I am on that announcement, ahem, Chelsea.) but rather of the candle variation. You see I finally have my Candle Website up and running, complete with catalogues ! Hooray! Now this post is an invitation and maybe even a plea - take a gander over, browse the wonderous products from Citronella (a summer must have!) that is completely non-Toxic read safe to burn outside and INSIDE -even around your babies to Read diffusers that put off the most heavely fragrance without any flame at all - that's right Candle scent with out the candle hazards. We are rolling in amazing things.

Now my reason for sharing this information with you all is simply this. If you are interested in hosting a party or having what is a variation of a party for people long ways away (read: you get lots and lots and lots! of FREE stuff) let me know. I'm trying to get my business off the ground and would love the support. If you'd like to order anything you can let me know that too, I'll even send it free of shipping. And if neither of these things is up your alley, that's great too, just take a gander or not but leave a comment! I wanna read your voice! I miss my commenters.

Anyways, we are back. Hopefully amidst the candles (please don't feel pressure from this post I was just sharing, because as I've been told if you don't ask you can't hear yes and you won't always hear no) and the rest of our busy lives I will find time to be a regular here again and you won't feel so neglected.


Anonymous said...

HEHE! All i have to say to you is stop focusing on the candles so much and get on something else!!!!! Lol just kinding I will stop pressuring you...but hurry up already. Am I gonna have to give Corey a Pep talk?
Love you guys to peices and I will get on ordering stuff CUZ I WANT CANDLES!!(and other things)he he

Anonymous said...

It is a great opportunity for us, we the family not living in your house to read and see the happiness and joy. But remember it is your family who come before we do. That is a great way to make a catalogue available to friends and family.
Keep on smiling
Love Mom & John

cdheigh said...

I'm a total blog slacker too.
Thanks for the kudos on the photos.

Janice Vandyk said...

have you been doing lots of parties?