Thursday, September 25, 2008

Rain and Rain and Rain

It's no secret that there is rain in Chilliwack. In fact I do believe that I have blogged on it from time to time. You see, for those of you who don't live in BC, or aren't familiar with our Fraser Valley - we get rain. A lot of rain, sometimes it seems that the rainy days out weigh the sunny days. Now I'm sure in reality we still have many more sunny days than rainy just doesn't feel like that after a week of solid rain.

For the most part I don't mind the rain. Actually I kinda like it. The days are cooler, it's more of an excuse to cuddle up at home with a movie, a book or bake cookies with your "super helpful" toddler. With fall fast approaching the rainy days are going to increase in number again and it's time we embraced it.

Having a toddler has made these rainy days a little more interesting. She's an outside kid and for the most part when we are home, not working or doing housework we are outside playing. And even though this house has tons and tons of space to run and play there is nothing like being in the great out-of-doors. Where you spend your time soaking up the sunrays or the rain drops, breathing in fresh, crisp, cow pie scented air, ducking under as many cobwebs as you see and brushing off the rest. Bethany stands at our windows and begs to go "Ow-side" and play, and what kind of mother would I be if I refused to let my child be active! I'd much rather bundle her up warm against the rain drops than keep her inside, lightly dressed to soak up hours of mindless television. (We do watch TV and movies, it's just not our all day routine....for both my sanity and hers - have you seen Farzle's World?)

Anyways, that's what we did last night. While Daddy was working on setting up his shop and cleaning out the strange root cellar we found under the house, Bethany and I played outside, in the rain, happily. Oh, and when I say played, I mean Bethy played in the puddles, ran around the yard laughing and playing, while I stood under the stoop trying to keep as dry as I could weilding my camera, venturing out to either save her from face planting (it's hard to crouch in your boots) or to snap a great shot.

See for yourself, why I love rain...

Rain and Rain from Ashley Stone on Vimeo.

See, it's not so bad when it rains!


Anonymous said...

I am sitting here with tears of joy and memories. I tell you I do so remember when your husband and his brother Scott, would play in the little bit of rain we got in Kelowna (Winfield)and come in so muddy,but very delighted. And when they would take Travis and Wyatt out and play in the rain as it looked like they were out there for their brothers, when it was for themselves to play in the rain. I love walking in the rain also. Thanks for the wonderful video. God bless you all, Love Mom Kimmie

Kristina said...

See and today it was sunny outdoors :)
Such a beautiful video you did up, it was perfect. I am glad you can find something good out of the rain :)

Anonymous said...

Bethany!!! You make me smile so big and make me love the rain just because of the smile on your face. Love you so much dear!!!!

Love Grammy

child safety said...

kinda unrelated but I'm glad you are using Vimeo for your videos! I've been trying to get people to use because it is far superior to the 'tubes'... :)