Sunday, November 23, 2008

Because I know you've missed her

With my lack of in the moodiness I neglected to post what I think are some really cute videos of Bethany. There is definately no shortage of laughter in our house due to her constant chatter and antics. I was warned when she was only a tiny baby and I was complaining that I wished she'd just tell me what she wanted that one day I may take that back. You see, I started talking very young and never quit, some say I've rarely stopped to breath...I beg to differ, I'm not technically talking now....

Anyways, I've decided to combat the pregnancy blues I'd combine all of my favorite video clips into one super show for all to see. Check it out:

November 2008 from Ashley Stone on Vimeo.That last phrase is one that Bethany says on an hourly basis,

"Mom, What are doing?"

"I'm driving Beth, what are you doing?"

Short pause (read: 15 seconds)

"Mom? What are you doing?"

"Still driving."

Another pause,

"Mom, wanna play toys?"

That is the other thing Bethy says very, very frequently through out the day. She loves to play toys and will invite anyone willing to join her. Oh, the joy she's going to have when this baby is old enough to play toys.

Yesterday she played "toys" with Daddy. There was this stupid good (is that an oxymoron? oh well, whatever)sale at Home Depot on a new tool set, so we hauled our tired butts out of bed early, loaded into the car, hit Starbucks and headed for Abbotsoford. Corey could hardly wait to get home and crack into it, Bethany not wanting to miss out on the action joined right in...take a look.

And what it really all comes down to is I just love this little girl more than any one person should be able to love another.


Kristina said...

I loved the video, thanks for sharing it with us despite your pregnancy blues. Bethany is absolutely adorable!

Anonymous said...

I really love that you three and almost four of you are so very blessed with sooo much love for each other, it shows so radiantly... I really miss you guys, especially when I read your blog and watch the video/pics. Just want to let you know how very much I love you all. God bless you... Love Mom Kimmie

Anonymous said...

Hey family, so nice to see some of our favorite niece. Hope all is well and chin up Ash its almost over....doesnt seem like it but it is! we love you!