Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Snow Day anyone?

Like the rest of the province, Chilliwack has been today receiving a copious dump of snow. It's beautiful, it makes Christmas feel Christmasy - festive if you will. Although the number of drivers out there ill equipped to be maneuvering such snow out number the flakes falling from the sky, the general feeling in our house is "Hooray Snow". I don't normally like it and I'll be happy when it's gone post holidays but Corey so loves the snow and here he is sharing yet another love with his little girl...

Finally all dressed and bundled up.

Playing with the powdery snow.

Tasting the snow...she decided it was "yucky"

How can anyone dislike the snow when it brings out little bunnies like this?

Merry Christmas and Happy Snow Days everyone!


Kristina said...

Merry Christmas Ashley, Corey, and Bethany!!!

Anonymous said...

What a sweet picture! Ashley, Bethany is just adorable. Merry Christmas to your family! from Cindy

Anonymous said...

Oh what a snow angel Sweetpea she is!!! Love you guys... Merry Christmas!!!! Love Grammy and Papa