Monday, December 22, 2008

We need your help!

Ya know how Juliet says, "What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet." Well, she's wrong. If we were to take a rose and call it "crap", or "garbage" or "mold" would you really want those for Valentine's Day? Can you imagine saying to your friends,"You'll never guess what Corey did, he bought me a bouquet of garbage for my birthday!" And no matter how beautiful or sweet smelling they are, the name would turn you off. Take skunk cabbage for instance, although they are appropriately named (they totally stink) their very descriptive name gives it away long before you ever have to smell them. And then you have marigolds, pretty name, pretty flower, to most - not so pretty fragrance (I like them but well, I'm weird). You get the point.

Anyways, maybe I'm wrong and that's a lame way to start a post that's pretty obvious - baby naming sucks! Not the whole process just finding the perfect name. If you name your puppy something silly, he doesn't care, as long and there is food, love and toys you're all good. Name your child something ridiculous and they'll never live it down and neither will you. Can you imagine what Apple is going to say to Gwyneth when she's 16? Or how Moses is going to explain to his classmates why he can't part the Red Sea....good thinking Chris.

Back when I was pregnant with Bethany I did a post about some of the crazy baby naming aids there are out there, for example the baby name inventor . I love the name we ultimately chose for our daughter, it has such meaning to us and suites her beautifully. But some of the names that resided for a short time on "the list" would have been awful. I had every intention at 13 of naming my first daughter Belinda May....'nough said. (If your name is Belinda May I'm so sorry, no offense meant) I mean really Belinda May and Belinda May Not. I have a relatively simple name and yet I still got called Ashtray, Smash and my favorite Assley. Some days it seems there's no winning.

So here we are again, another child to name, another set of lists. We are as befuddled as the first time. Now there are a few on there that we favor, but none that say "THIS IS IT! I am the one! Bestow me on your child." I've got another baby name suggester and here's what they say....

- Bhadrashree Stone
- Jagruti Stone
- Bindusar Stone
- Safiya Stone
Are you kidding me? I mean I guess in some culture those are appropriate maybe even common names but for me, in this house...not going to happen.

So here's the thing...we need your help.

Make a suggestion, please let me know your favorite boy or girl names! Once they are all in we'll go through them, make up a survey and let you vote. Who knows maybe you'll have the great honor of naming our second child, or at least helping.

Ok, don't be shy, throw 'em out there, pleeease. We are need of a name.


rachel joy said...

I'm totally out of boy names, and will suggest some girl names after we're certain that this one really truly is a boy!

Melissa said...

Once again, I am so with you! We had such a hard time coming up with the name we've now chosen for baby no. 2, and only recently settled on it. May I suggest I don't want to give out any suggestions in case we change our mind last minute and go with a backup, but good luck!

Amanda said...

I LOVED the following girls' names but Steve vetoed them all:

Elida (el-EYE-dah)

As far as boys' names go, I'm keeping my moth shut since we're hoping to eventually add one to our brood and I'm keeping my favourites a secret. :)

Sherri said...

Finding names is soo hard! I agree with you, but this time it's Troy who gets the ultimate last decision, with my approval of course.

I dislike the really common names that Everybody picks... Like Emma and Ella.. too many of those in our little town..

I love Bethany's name.. it has such a good meaning too... When you punch in a name at BabyCenter it comes up with a list of sibling names compatible to the one you already chose. I punched in Bethany and it came up with Abigail (Abby), Hannah, Emily, Brooke, Sarah.. and for boys: Joshua, Jacob, Caleb, Benjamin, James, Zachary and Andrew...

Do you know the gender? We're probably having a girl, but don't know for sure. Thought about naming my kid after a family member, but I really don't like my families' names. Imagine a little Judy? Ehhhh... Suits my mom, but not my kid..

Have fun deciding! And hope your not feeling super uncomfortable with the big tummy and everything... Can't wait to have a flat tummy again! Almost 3 weeks left! Yahoo! Wish is was over already!