Thursday, March 26, 2009

Please don't call me Hippo for short*

I guess you could say these days I'm wearing a little guilt backpack, blog readers. Remember way back in June when I wrote this post about leaving Facebook? Read how adamant I was about it's safety and the world I/we live in? See all those guys who tried to convince me I was making a less than informed decision? Well, maybe they were right....sorta.

I still feel that Facebook and my personal photos do not go hand in hand. I still feel that the many applications and other advertisements if used can open up my computer to a world of unknown. I don't however feel like I'm strong enough to resist the urge. I feel left out! I mean one of my favorite online baby stores offers a discount if you join their Facebook page, what?! You mean save me money just by being your "friend" on Facebook and reading your ads, um ok.

So here's the deal. I rarely conform to the "norm", I've been weird since kindergarten and I'm pretty sure the label different will be attached to my name into eternity, much to the chagrin of my children. It's ok with me, God calls us to be different and I'm happy with me. But sometimes, I just plain feel left outta the loop, not that I'm conforming to something I think is sinful but rather, I'm lonely and I've been left out *pout*. I am also a nosey person by nature. I try to be honest about it. I try to curb it and not snoop into things that aren't my business, it truly is out of genuine concern for others that I want to know EVERYTHING-ABOUT-EVERYTHING, you might even just call me "Sid the Science Kid" (Mom's you know who I mean). I don't however feel the need to share said "everything" with everyone, just in case you were wondering. I hate secrets but I'm excellent at keeping them. But with Facebook I can keep in touch with old friends, see their photos, read about their day. And with those friends who don't blog, it's like I still have a chance to keep tabs on their lives. It also provides something to keep these eyeballs open at 3am when I'm up feeding Audrey. Otherwise after I've read all my blog-addictions I pass out at the screen and wake up at a ridiculous hour with a cramp in my neck that feels kind of like getting your hand stuck in the shredder.

I've talked with Corey and we've agreed that it's alright if I go back on Facebook but completely and utterly limiting what information I put on there ( I won't be putting any detailed status updates, or letting anyone know my daily schedule on my wall, you never know who's friends with whom and if those "whoms" are dangers). I will also strictly limit my time spent in the all consuming world of FB, making it the least important part of my day, not the most interesting. Which really isn't hard, have you seen how cute my kids are? Do you know how insanely busy our days are becoming? I will however send messages to old friends, keep up with the lives of those who don't or won't blog and of course absorb the super terrific deals to be found at that online store.

So there, it's off my chest. It's no longer a secret, I don't feel like I'm "sneaking" onto Facebook. I can come right out and say it - "Hi, I'm Ashley and I Facebook." (pst, this is where you all say HI).

Hopefully none of you think less of us. Hopefully by being honest those of you who have seen my presence on FB won't feel the need to add hypocrite to my title and hopefully I will continue to make myself as informed and cautious as I ever was before. Oh, and this time I'm including a clause in this decision, should alternative information come to light that once again makes me feel unsettled I will once again swear off Facebook, like a yoyo diet gone wrong.

*alternative titles : Humble Pie would be better served with Ice Cream

Eating ones shorts is said to be dangerous to your health

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