Saturday, March 28, 2009

2 Months

It is hard to believe how quickly the past 2 months have flown by. And even more hard to believe is all the changes that have already happened in our Audrey. She's so much more alert now, looking around and actually focusing on things, especially her big sister. Bethany and Audrey's bond is already so sweet and one I so thoroughly enjoy watching grow. Audrey's cooes will increase in volume when Beth is around and will get almost shreikish when she wants B to look at her. And on the other hand Bethany is the first to offer (or shove) a soother when Audrey is crying and loves that Audrey hangs out on her big girl bed every morning while we get Beth dressed.

I know we did this before and we've already watched the baby days dissolve into Toddlerhood but it still amazes me at the lightening speed at which it goes. But with as busy as life is with two kids it's little wonder I can't remember what day it is, or what I wanted to stupid at the store. Do you know how stupid I feel standing in the middle of Walmart and blank stare on my face trying desperately to remember what I just had to pick up.

Here are a few shots of the past week in our house.
Beth loves reading Audrey stories, while Audrey lays on her bed and "listens".
I have to watch really carefully when Bethany climbs up with Audrey. She's so affectionate we run the risk of Audrey being squished. Beth always wants to hug her and rest her head on Audrey's "gurgly" tummy.

I love this face, it the classic, "Mooooomm, I'm in the bath tub!"

I LOVE this headband on Bethany. We just got it and I can't believe how cute she looks!
Stay tuned, Bethany had her first hair cut this week, photos to follow soon.


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Those are awesome pictures Ashley! Gotta love those girls.