Saturday, May 23, 2009

Audrey Bell

It's so hard to believe that it's already been four months since Audrey was born, or it will be on Tuesday. Some days it feels as though she's just arrived but most of the time it's as though she's always been a part of this little family. She has fit into life as we knew it and we've adjusted to life with her here. My Mom tried to tell me a few times during those first 6 weeks, when it seemed as though I was drowning in emotion (good and bad) and exhaustion that it would get easier and as much as I would nod and reply "Oh, I know it will, but..." in all reality I was thinking "LIAR! It's always going to be this hard WHAT WAS I THINKING!!!!"

Boy was she right. And what we were thinking was our lives wouldn't be complete without our second little pebble, our precious Rosebud. I never once had a moment where I didn't want her here, I just wanted someone to make life simple, to help Bethany understand and adjust and to let me sleep. Well, we're past that rough patch, life is pretty good and Audrey truly is a Joy.

For the most part my little Audrey Bell is a happy baby. That's not to say she doesn't cry, we all do from time to time, but in general she's pretty happy. The last few weeks have brought lots of baby chatter, kicking and playing on her own and let us hear her first laughs, which seem to only come when she's on the verge of hysteria. It's hilarious not only because the sound of your baby's laugh is one of the most musical things you'll ever hear but also because my Mom, Bethany and I are just like that. We can go from crying to doubled over laughter and back in about the same time as it takes you to say happy hysterical hyena. Each time it happens I'm pretty sure I feel my heart swell just a little more - she really is my girl.

A story from two chatterboxes from Ashley Stone on Vimeo.

And for that matter, she looks a lot more like me and the Hobbis/Gartner side of my family than Beth did. I loved that Bethany did and still does look a lot like her Daddy and the Stones. It's sweet and wonderful and yet she's still her own person. But inside I really hoped Audrey would hold some of me in her little face too! And she does, I see my Grammie and My Mom and my Uncle Art (long story) in there too.

Oh I could blather on and on about all the wonderful things about this little girl, but it really comes down to one thing. She's the most perfect Audrey Joy Stone there is and I'm so glad she's mine! She and Bethany are truly are my precious Stones.


Karie said...

I could have listened to your "chatterboxes" for ever 'n a day....

Kristina said...

Hey Ashley,
I think you have the most beautiful girls, and boy are they growing up fast :) The videos you post always makes my heart happy :)
I am glad you are getting into the better part of baby time!

Anonymous said...

It is so crazy how they change so quickley it seems like we were just there and in this short time they both have grown so much. They are Beautiful and I cannot wait to have our lil' Stones together again! Love you all
Chels, Scott and Chloe

Swistle said...

OMG, look at those KEEKS. I want to NOM THEM.

Anonymous said...

Oh my I love those pictures and the video. They are the two most precious little girls around

Love you all
Mom / Grammy

Anonymous said...

God bless your little Audrey Bell. I was 3 years old, watching my pregnant mom pacing in thought, when she stopped and I heard her say, "Audrey! That's a good name! Audrey." Audrey Bell came home in a little cardboard box, on Valentine's Day. She's 26 now, a wonderful young lady who loves God, man, and animals. May your Audrey Bell grow up bringing delight and honor to your family.