Friday, May 29, 2009

Count your blessings...

Ever heard that song, "Count your blessings name them 1 by 1. Count your blessings see what God has done!..."? It's a song that we sang so very often as kids on long road trips with my family. It didn't seem to matter where we were going, at some point on a long or short trip it was inevitable that 2 or more of us would end up singing old church hymns, kids choruses and other silly songs. They were the days before DVD players and iPods. Back when vehicles had only 1 stereo and you had to use cassette tapes. Not sure what that is? Click the link :) It was sometime shortly after dinosaurs became exstinct and right about the time that is was "cool" to wear neon green, tight biking shorts while back combing your hair and listening to "I'm to Sexy".

Anyways, there are many songs from those days that still ring in my head or come tumbling from my mouth. I sing to our kids quite often (because they are an audience that doesn't complain) and in doing so need a change in tunes every so often. I mean I can only sing, "I'm just a little black rain cloud, hovering under a honey tree" so many times.

Funny story, I caught myself singing that the other day while doing laundry. It wouldn't have been so strange except both kids were asleep and I was alone!

Again, I digress. Back to the point. This song came to mind tonight while I was doing something quite special. We had just finished reading bedtime stories as a family, I kissed my Bethy goodnight and headed out with Audrey to tuck her into bed. We take turns with bedtimes for the girls so that we all get the joy of bedtime snuggles. Tonight, was Corey's night. As I closed Audrey's door, headed for the kitchen to make more bottles I couldn't help but stop and listen.... There behind Beth's closed door came the soft sounds of Corey singing to his girl. I'm pretty sure my heart flipped over once or twice and I fell in love all over again. He's a great dad, that's no secret, but every so often he does something so sweet that I remember why we are where we are.

I will always love him, I know why I love him but sometimes it's a good thing to have a little nudge to appreciate the man I love. He's truely such a blessing. He loves me like no other, as I've said before when I met Corey I knew love. Not only did being with him have that same glorious feeling as coming home after a long time away but he loves very different. Corey loves me and our girls without condition, no matter what, thick or thin (thighs that is), good times or bad times, he's there through it all. My pillar of strength through a really bad pregnancy and my best friend. I can remember having my breath taken away one day and being reduced to tears when I realized what it is that's so special about this man and his love. In my eyes, Corey loves like Jesus loves. It's that simple. He's quick to love, very, very slow to anger and easily forgives. He's patient with me and our girls when I'm pretty much ready to chuck the towel at him. He's helpful and useful (a trait not all men have), he works hard and plays hard. He's my all, and along with our daughters he's the number 1 blessing I have to count.

So tonight, I'm putting away my grumbles (stay tuned they are to come, I'm sure) and I'm going to count the blessing that is my Corey Bear.

I know she's not looking but trust me when I say that's the best of about 2 million ( or 10) give or take.

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Anonymous said...

OHHH how I remember the singing that went on in our car. Don't lose that dear. CD, DVD, Radio ..or any technology can ever replace those times.

Corey... we love you for being you and being just the right man for our little girl. Our prayer is that Bethany and Audrey have a hubby just a wonderful to love and care for them.

Mom / Grammy