Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Audrey Acapella

As much as it's crazy to me how quickly Bethy is growing, it is almost even more insane how fast Audrey is growing. She'll be 6 months on Sunday and I am constantly asking myself "Where has time gone?" She's a beautiful, happy baby, who weighed in at 17lbs 9oz a few weeks ago, is now eating and loving oatmeal and is sitting up on her own. My little AJ has 1 tooth through and another almost, still has most of her hair (WHOOT! Beth was bald by now) and the cutest baby thigh chub evah!

She is also very vocal. Although it took awhile for her to get going she is a "talking, singing, gurgling" little dolly. You may call it bias, I call it reality, but this girl of mine, is stinkin' cute, dontcha know! See...

Audrey Acapella from Ashley Stone on Vimeo.

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Anonymous said...

Audrey, Grammy can hear a soprano out of you!! whooo hoo. :) Oh my you are quite the singer. Makes Grammy's heart so happy to see the video and hear you singing.
Lots of love