Friday, July 24, 2009

It's a Rock that's White!

It's getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes....♪

Wait a minute, what? Ok, so maybe don't take off all your clothes, there are things I really don't want to see. And trust me I've got things you really don't need to see. But it's defiantly hot around here. Like the rest of the province, we here in the good ol' Wack are in the middle of a dry spell, heatwave.

While most people (my mother) are doing a happy dance, rejoicing in this sunshine and heat. I am sulking, giving Mother Nature a little attitude. I love the sunshine for it's inevitable happy feeling induction, it's warmth and what it does for my weeds ahem, I mean flowers. But I don't love that it brings heat. I don't like being too hot, I certainly do not like having to wear shorts or being caught in public in said shorts, I don't like worrying about sunburns and heat stroke. No, I prefer about 23-24 degrees. Warm enough for no coats and outdoor fun. But not so hot that my face goes from having a soft "glow" to looking like someone chucked a bucket of water in it - so vast is the sweat I produce (your welcome for that image), or turn a lovely shade of tomato red while my husband and daughter turn a beautiful golden brown. No, summer is not my best friend, we are at best acquaintances surviving the same turf.

Unfortunately nobody asked me what I wanted (I may be pouting about that) and we've got summer in full force. And while I'm counting down the days until Fall, I am also trying very hard to make the best out of it. My kidlets love this weather, my husband too loves the sunshine and so, to beat the heat and get some great photos we go on "adventures."

This past weekend, after looking for a new body for Corey. A truck body that is (his is a little more than slightly rusty and if I had my way would get a spa treatment of a gas bath and blow torch finish), we are looking for one to replace this one on the frame of the beast. We decided to head to White Rock with the kids down to the water.

We finally found parking and began our haul up and over a big hill to get down to the beach. This trip is the reason my husband now believes me that our Eddie Bower double stroller is not cutting the mustard and understands why a Phil and Ted's is on my wish list.

We had a lovely time, Bethany and Daddy exploring, Audrey and Mommy hanging out, watching people. AJ loved chewing on her new angel brush and then because I haven't made another soother clip for it, losing said brush. It was about 4 hours old, ask me if I'm happy? Those things are the world's greatest teething invention, if you have a little one and you don't have an angel brush, get one. Now! I'm serious, read this later, get up and go, or click the link and just order one, you won't be sorry, I promise.

Anyways, it was a great day. So much fun for us and very educational. Bethany started learning about seashells and the tide, and I learned that White Rock, really is a White Rock! Not like Chilliwack, Spuzzum or Goobies (it is a place, check the link) Canada, which are all cities with stupid names that are unexplained, White Rock actually does have a White Rock. I was thrilled and impressed, Corey was entertained. He knew about The White Rock and never thought to tell me...just another one of my Peterbuilt Chicken moments :)

We've got another busy weekend ahead of us full of BBQ's, lawn mowing, bubble blowing and Concert going (I won tickets to Kutless!) and we're so looking forward to it. What's better than time spent with friends, laughing kids and air conditioned concert venues?

What are you doing to stay cool this weekend?

This is not, I repeat NOT a rhetorical question, I actually want an answer. Just click comment and let me know you're here! Please! I've even made it easy, tell me what's up for your weekend.


Melissa said...

Water, water, water! We're at the beach most of the time, and I love the Ladner splash pad.

My hubby, wonderful romantic man that he is, also bought me an a/c as an early anniversary gift.

That's how we're so cool!

Anonymous said...

Just smilin. :)


Kristina said...

Staying inside where the fans are when it's really hot :) Taking cool showers. Thats about all I can do right now :)

Kami's Khlopchyk said...

Wishing it was that hot here, we have not had good summer weather so far. It was hot this weekend but I was stuck inside working. This week we will get out to a spray park or something!

Anonymous said...

Hi Stone family,
I am staying cool in my basement at work, but it is always sucha shock when I come upstairs to make dinner or something. I totally understand where you are coming from Ashley, with hotmoments I am really not enjoying the heat. It will pass and then snow, can't wait. We just got a pool 12'around and 24" deep for my neice as I am takeing care of her for the summer and her Mom and Dad could not put it up at their place. I love the pics they are very good. Love you lots, Mom Kimmie

Niki said...

Cranking my two air conditioners full blast and then not leaving those rooms under any circumstances, even if it means no laundry ever gets put away. And eating smoothies for dinner!