Friday, July 31, 2009

The recipe for cool...

It's still hot here. And not just summer hot, it's stinkin', stupid, ridiculously, uncomfortably hot. It is so hot that my car, when shut off for 5 minutes goes from being air conditioned cool to broiler hot. It is so hot that my children sweat even when only wearing diapers/panties. It is so hot that there is whining, crying, sulking and complaining happening on an hourly basis and my children aren't happy either.

I have many a great blog post in my head. Idea's spewing forth, but it's so hot that typing makes me sweat. So for now, since pit stains aren't hot and Corey doesn't think they're sexy you'll have to settle for a load of photos.

And while God isn't answering my MANY requests for coolness, He has provided solutions or semi-solutions to our "problems". He's provided wonderful children and many a happy moment so I guess really, He's given us for now a recipe for Coolness...

1(or 10) hot summer day(s)
1 Desperate need for heat relief
1 outdoor kiddie pool
1 FREEZING cold hose water
2 adorable children
1 willing and rather adorable husband
1 Mommy weilding a camera at all times

Mix together with a good dose of laughter (and Bethany chasing me all over the yard with the above mentioned hose soaking me completly), lots of love and enjoy! Good luck keeping cool everyone and we'll back soon!

" Um Daddy? It's COLD!"

This may be one of my Audrey favs. It just show cases all of her adorable baby chubs!

I love the above photo of Beth, sigh, she really does take my breath away sometime!

Oh! and We also picked up the adorable little electric quad at a garage sale for $10. Bethany and Audrey love it! As does their dotting Daddy, it has brought on dreams of bigger girls and bigger quads!


Kami's Khlopchyk said...

I know you are going to hate me for this but we are freezing here in SK! Send us some of that heat, we would be quite happy to sweat a little instead of wearing pants and long sleeves.

Great pictures too!

Niki said...

Great pictures of you cooling down on these SUPER HOT days! Your girls are getting so big!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous pictures Honey!!!!
Love Mom / Grammy

Anonymous said...

Those are very awsome pictures. We just got back from a very hot 68km bike ride and that was when it was cool in the morn, so we can relate to your hot, hot, hot weather. I love the pics of the girls they look like they are keeping cool.
Love you lots, Grandma & Grandpa Kimmie