Friday, September 11, 2009

Books, books, BOOKS!

I love to read, I love books and magazines, short stories and long. Anything that requires reading, I read. I'm a bathroom reader, a bedtime reader, a kid story reader and a blog reader. In fact, I think my love of reading has fed my love of writing and is why I blog and read blogs so often. It's feeding "that" part of my brain (please don't ask me where "that" is located...I haven't read that book).

I can easily spend 2 hours in a used bookstore and not even notice the time has passed. The library is my candy store (here you can borrow 60 books at a time. 60BOOKS PEOPLE do you know what that means to me, well it means I'll borrow 5 but still, if I wanted to 60!). They have books and couches, quiet corners and bookmarks sigh.

Anyways, because reading is such an inegral part of my life, it is naturally a big part of my children's lives. We read at bedtime, we read in the morning, if we are bored we read. And as she's gotten older Bethany has gone from only wanting me to read to her, to looking at books herself. Yesterday, while at work she even sat on the floor and "read" Bethany one of the books she knows by heart. Awwww. Audrey loves her books too, and while she'll sit sort of still while I read. Generally she tries to take the book and you know, jam it down her throat.

And since, buying them books everytime I get tired of the ones we have can get a little expensive I decided that it was time to get Beth, her very own library card. She was so excited to talk to the lady and take the card. She LOVES looking at the books on the shelves and playing in the toys that are there. And takes great joy in helping me select the books to borrow for our 2 weeks.

We have many favorite books and what I find so sweet is that many of her favorites are my favorites from being little. She quickly falls in love with one or two from a borrowing cycle and we'll read them over and over until she knows them by heart. Then when we read them I'll stop mid sentence and she'll happily continue on right on point.

Here's what we've been loving as of late:

Bethany loves these two in particular. Listening to her say "ANYBODY DOWN DERE(there)?" or "Clang, Clang...." is so cute!

After reading Class Clown, we were having our wind down time before bed. We have a 2 minute chat to rehash her day, it helps her sleep and keeps her from chattering my ear of once in bed. Anyways, she informed me that she is going to be a Clown "We I get bigger than small." Ok kid, if it makes you happy go for it!

I picked this one, because good ol' Amelia was and is one of my favorites. I expected Beth to be mildly entertained, I didn't expect her to fall in love and be for Mela Bela every night!

What are you reading right now? Either for adults or kids, I'm always looking for new books. The library is awesome but sometimes if you don't know what you're looking for it can be hard to find anything at all.

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Anonymous said...

I do so love your writings, it makes my day when I go to your blog and there is a new one to read. I really did not like to read when I was younger as I was forced in to it by my father (who now I know only had my best interest at heart). I love to read now but am very slow at it, so it takes along time to finish any books. You are an incredible, awsome Mom to those beautiful girls and the most loved wife to my son. Love you so much, Jackie