Thursday, September 10, 2009

Colour Me Happy!

Bethany is, to say the least a creativly driven kid. She loves to build, draw, paint, glue, stick stickers, remove stickers and restick them, anything that requires the use of that part of her brain thrills her to no end.

This fact also thrills her mother to no end. I am by nature a crafty girl (in the Martha Stewart pre prison kind of way). I knit, crochet, crosstich, I am contimplating learning to sew because as time goes on my crafting cravings seem to be increasing.

Anyways, with Bethany being 2.5 years old and a bundle of energy, something like a new puppy (we saw friends of ours this weekend and their puppy had been penned up in the car for awhile. When they let Auto out of the car she ran in circles, thrilled to be free. All I could do was stare and laugh - that's exactly what Bethany did on Friday in the Telus store while waiting forever for me to get my new Blackberry) I need to find creative ways to spend her energy. Also, with life being what it is with two kids and work and other commitments, it feels like sometimes I don't spend enough time doing things with her.

So, I decided to pull out an old craft from yesteryear, and we made crayons. It's a great way to use up some old broken pieces of crayon everyone has laying around their house and an even better way to help her make something that's actually useful.

We had a great time, even letting Audrey in on the action and look what happened...

When we first started banging away at the crayons, Audrey was a little shocked

After I gave her a hammer of her own, things improved considerably.

She got right into it.

So did Bethany, she loved smashing the crayon bits in the ziplock bag.

It was hard work.

After Mommy took her hammer to the bag.

Having fun!

Pre Oven.

Post oven.

Cool and ready to colour.

Giving her new rainbow colours a try.

"Come on Bethany, 1 picture with your new colours, please!!!!"
"OK FINE! One picture, see. Now can I go?" (she didn't actually say that but her face sure did)

What have you made lately?


Anonymous said...

Floods of memories of doing that with my two babies. It is fun!

Love ya
Mom / Grammy

Anonymous said...

That sounds like a great idea to do with your girls :) I want to be a 'creative mama' also - you'll have to share some more ideas! I hope you and your family are doing well - I think of you guys all the time :) I've been painting a lot lately.


Daisy said...

Great craft! Frugal, green, and fun. Did you sort the colors at all, or just mix them randomly?

Ashley said...

I'm a mixer, I wasn't thinking until later that pastels with pastels and darks with darks. I didn't include black because it over powers everything else but brown should probably stay out too! Live and learn