Sunday, September 13, 2009

Brigade Parade

This past weekend was Brigade days in Hope. For those of you who aren't familiar with Hope (everybody say "I"), it's the local festivities weekend. It's an homage to the Pioneers who started the little town so many years ago and for many is an excuse to get blasted and beat up your local neighbour at the Briggie Ball (also known in my day as the Briggie Brawl - not because I brawled, I never went, it's just what they called it).

For the rest of the town it's a great weekend with a fair, fireworks, parade and a demolition Derby. We've been down here 3 Brigade Days down and this is the first time we've shlepped to Hope for any of the fun.

We went only for the parade this year. We figure we'll slowly introduce the kids to Brigade days, and when I was a kid aside from the Midway (games, rides - that I didn't ride, I get ill on the Ferris Wheel, I'm not kidding. And mini donuts) the parade was the highlight of the weekend. Maybe next year we'll brave the journey to town for the fireworks but this year if we'd have tried that the girls would have been asleep before we even got there.

We watched, we laughed, we covered ears when the all too loud demo car horns blared or the emergency vehicles decided to deafen us with their sirens, and we collected lollipops. Fun was had for all and then just to solidify the funness of the day we went over to the park and let the kids (mostly Bethany) burn off some steam before the drive back.

It was a great day. Here are the pictures, I hope you enjoy them (haha, I said Hope)

These guys kick started the parade "Seniors on Parade", they were so cute! Hope leaves no man out, can you just imagine in 50 years time Corey and Scott out there in their Super Souped Up Scooters :)

A small truck

Mini belly dancers. (How I feel about this is a whole post in it's self)
Prima Ballerina

The dump trucks in Hope.
Bethany's very first lollipop. She loved it! (even if her Mommy is mean and only let her eat half. She doesn't need alllll that sugar)

Audrey's first time on a park swing.

And a park slide.

Bethany's first time on a "big girl" swing. She did great!

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Anonymous said...

It looks like you had a great time at the parade and park, I just love all the firsts that the girls are having. I still remember those times with my boys. love you lots, Mom Kimmie