Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My Bestest

Did you know I hate the term Besties?  It sounds like a bra or something to me, actually it reminds me of pasties, you know the stick on nipple covers (you didn't know, we'll I did, for me the could double as full support).  I hear kids, you know teenagers, those beings who are much younger than I and apparently still cooler, saying things like "I was out with my Besties, last night".  I want to smack them with my cane and correct their grammar.  (Sign #200 that I'm getting OLD!)

Sidetrack: Speaking of Old, I was at Crappy Tire (Canadian tire) on Sunday and these Air Cadets where outside collecting money.  There was one on the in door and one on the out.  When I went in the kid covering that door looked at my face and then directly at his feet. "Um, whatever dude".  Then on the way out the kid covering the out door stopped me asked how my day was, said "What's new?" and then "Would you like to donate to the Air Cadets MA'AM" Screw you buddy "No, not today thank you" was my appropriate reply.  When did that happen?!

Anyways, for those of you who are new to the world of kid lingo, a besty is your best friend.  It is close kin to BFF but not exactly the same.  You know BFF - Best Friend Forever.  What I want to know is, when the heck did the term "Best Friend" become so uncool, and when did it become cool to have about 300 of them?  It seems like everywhere you look the term BFF or Besty is applied to one's whole group of friends as opposed to the 1 (or 2) friend(s) that are the closest to them.

I love this picture of us.  And what's funny is I still tower over her.

I can honestly say over the years I have only had 2 (1 of whom is totally unbestied) best friends - Corey doesn't count, as much as he's my best friend, to me the actual term "best friend" is reserved for people I don't sleep in the same bed with, or if put in a position to share a bed we only sleep nothing more : )

Anyways, I digress, again.  I have this friend, she's my best friend, in fact I'd go as far as to say she's my bestest best friend.  We've been friends since I was 23 months old.  We're only 2 months apart in age, and while time, moving, marriages and life has taken us miles apart there is a kindred spirit there.  A connection of sorts that makes Anne and Diane's friendship look like a mere acquaintence. One that I'm told was apparent from the first time I had to borrow her underwear.  (I had an accident ok?!  I was 2 cut me some slack!)

Cindy and I shared many a dream growing up.  From hours of Barbies and dress up (Sorry D for all the times we made you wear the Pink "Husband" coat) to pretending to be Ariel - which was always a little tense, because there can only be one Ariel at a time.  My Mom says she heard "Part of Your World" sung over and over and over.  We survived a move that separated us by two hours, kept in touch by snail mail and fax (yes that was "technology" back then) and called each other not nearly enough.  We grew up, had 16th birthdays and boyfriends, graduated high school and started University and a life journey, time pulled harder on our lives and with our commitments our time on the phone dwindled and we hardly exchanged more than an e-mail every couple of months.  She got married and I was there, and then it was my turn and she was there.  I had babies and she held them, she has a career and has moved once more, and this past weekend had her first art show and I'm so proud!

And when time has allowed and we can be in the same place at the same time or talk on the phone it's as if nothing has changed, as if time has stood still and we are still those little girls who could talk waaaay into the night about our dreams and our fears.  Planning to be doctors and teachers, marry Prince Eric (that was so not my plan *wink*) and discover our "soul mate". 

She's my dearest friend and today I miss her.  I know I don't call enough, we say it all the time.  And while we promise that it'll change, or to call/write/e-mail/ fax even, more we both know that won't happen and it's ok.

Times will change and so will we, but one thing remains the same, she's my friend and I'm her's - and that's all I really need to know.

Love ya Cindy, I miss you and I'm so proud of you!


Kami's Khlopchyk said...

Good friends like that are more valuable than all the gold in China.

(does China even have gold?)

What a great tribute to your friendship!

Anonymous said...

Ashley, that is so awsome to have such a great friend. I can't say that I have had that in my life time, but it sounds so valuable, hang on to that...God bless your friendship always.
Love Mom Kimmie

Anonymous said...

Ashley, that's such a nice post, and you know I feel the same about you. My art show made me think about your candle business - how's that going?? I hope all is well, give each of your girls a big hug from me.

Love ya

Why am I here??? said...

Isn't it wonderful to have those kinds of ppl in your life?!!!!

I'm sure you two will remain friends your entire life no matter where you are in the world ;)

btw, I love the bright artwork and cute characters!