Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Audrey Update and Prayer Request!

Things are definately looking up on this end of the world.  Audrey has been fever free for 48 hours and counting, is starting to perk up a little and is getting a little of her colour back.  Our day started early after a really rough night (between Audrey still feeling yucky, her IV site causing some grief and a whole pile of new sick kids, sleep wasn't really an option) we were taken down for the renal ultrasound.

The preliminary report is back and it looks good.  Her left kidney is slightly enlarged and is retaining some fluid, which isn't great but according to the doctor isn't terrible.  We have to wait on the full report this afternoon, but there are no ulcers or kidney abdormalities WHOOT!

After a long chat with the doctor this morning it looks like we don't get to go home until Thursday now.  Because she was on antibiotics, even though they weren't the right ones the doctor figures that her blood culture came back with a false negative.  Her fever was really tough to battle and get rid of which apparently is a good sign that there is more than just an average infection.  Add to that, she is a little anemic and still not eating great and she wants to keep us a little more.  She also wants another full day of antibiotics by IV to make sure that when she comes off the fever doesn't return.  I guess there is a window of time after we stop these antibiotics that things could regress.  After the IV comes out she also wants us on oral antibiotics.

For all intents and purposes it looks like Thursday is home day although the word on the floor is (nurses talk and that's Saweet because then Momma's get the scoop) we may be able to go home late tomorrow afternoon.  To be honest, I'm desperate to get home to some normalcy and to my other girlie who's been an amazing little soldier herself but if one more night means we can avoid this happening or recurring, I'll stay. 

But I have a favor to ask.  I need, Need, NEED everyone to pray the Audrey's IV holds out.  We've been struggling to hang onto it for 2 days and I need it to last until tomorrow evening.  I don't want them to poke her again and I don't want her off the meds too soon.  Just please pray that God will help it to last and to not cause her any discomfort or pain.

Thanks again for all the support and prayers.  It means tons, I keep checking the blog and reading the  comments to Audrey so she knows how loved and supported she/we are.

ps. If there are typos or spelling errors, sorry.  I am in way to big a hurry to pull out the "teacher" in me to check and in the new blogger format I can't for the life of me find the stupid spell checker.


Anonymous said...

Ashley & Audrey,
We are so much in prayer for Audrey and all of you. God is an awsome God and we have faith that His will is done in healing for Audrey. God is saying for you to keep on singing over Audrey. I know how much your singing sooths my soul when I hear you singing to those girls and I guess He does too. God bless, Love John & Mom Kimmie

Anonymous said...

So glad that Audrey is doing better. We hope that you both can be home soon.

Kami's Khlopchyk said...

Ashely, how frightening this all must have been. We had a similiar experience with Jack at 20 mons with Rotovirus - he had a botched blood sample that they thought might be a blood infection too. I remember how scared I was.

Thank goodness she's okay and I saw on FB that you are home now. Hope she is feeling better and back to herself soon!