Friday, October 16, 2009

Things are looking up...sorta.

We are home!  We were officially discharged from the hospital yesterday morning.  Thanks to everyone for the thoughts, well wishes and prayers.  AJ's IV lasted through the night and to yesterday morning, where it was removed without any problem.  She was more annoyed we were once again holding her still rather than at the fact that it might have stung a little.

We are so very grateful for the Abbotsford hospital and all of it's staff.  It's a new facility here in the Valley and it's exceptional.  Over the past 15 - 20 years I have had my fair share of hospital visits and next to Children's Hospital (which will forever take the cake) Abby is the best. 

This was just before her fever spiked to 40.1 degrees or 104.  That's a yawn, poor baby.
Where do we go from here?  Well, Audrey is home now and on another 9 days of aweful tasting medicine 4 times a day.  Then she switches to another medication that is at bedtime every night for the next 6 months to prevent a re-occurance of infection.  In there she will also have to go for a VCUG which is a test to make sure that urine isn't flowing backwards from her bladder to her kidneys.  Apparently it happens in kids who haven't fully grow yet and could have been the cause of this nasty infection.  Which, is a totally different type to what we normally would get.  Then in 6 months we go for another test, complete with radioactive injections to see if there is permanent damage to the kidney that is enlarged and was retaining fluid.  Until then we just need to keep a really close eye on her and at the sign of any fever we will have to get urine tested and get her back to the pediatrician.

This is a sequence of Audrey's medicine faces...

It sounds like a lot but in the whole scheme of things it's sooooo much better than the alternatives!  Thing could have gone horribly wrong this past week and we could be facing much more serious problems. 

However, yesterday wasn't all roses.  After getting home and trying to get settled I began doing the chores that had been neglected for a week while I was gone.  Job #1 was changing the sheets on the kid's beds.  They normally get changed once a week and this time being that Audrey had been so ill before we left I wanted them both to have fresh beds to crawl into.  I got AJ's room done and was working on Bethy's.  She (B) decided to jump on her bed.  After 2 warnings, I removed her from the bed because I am horribly mean and don't want her to ever have fun to keep her safe, gave her heck and put her down.  She proceeded to have a HUGE temper fit, complete with throwing herself forward, without her hands out and landed face first on her John Deere tractor.  Her little mouth filled with blood.  Turns out no teeth were loosened but she tore that dangly thing (that's medical speak) that joins your gums and your lip, and scraped up her gums.

Beth's lip is all swollen today and her gums a lovely shade of purple.  Poor kid.  And as much as I know she learned her lesson, I'm feeling pretty bad for her.  It's been a tough week for her too.  And for the record Bethany has been a wonderful little girl for her Grammy and her Daddy while I was with Audrey.  I'm so proud of how well she's growing up.

I'm so very glad the weekend is here (although Cor works all weekend) and I'm hoping and praying for uneventful bliss.  I am also filled with awe for how great our God is!  My Thanksgiving type gratitude for the general health and wellness (minus the klutzy conundrums that come from having Gartner blood) is over flowing.

Happy Weekend everyone!  Thank you again!


Amanda Brown said...

Oh man, you guys have been through the ringer! So glad you're home and here's to a quiet, blood-free weekend.

Anonymous said...

I am over whelmed with thanks to God for protecting you and your family, and healing of sickness. I am so happy to hear that you are getting comfy at home. Give those beautiful granddaughters hugs and kisses. God bless, Love Mom/grandma Kimmie

Anonymous said...

So very thankful that Audrey is on the mend. Papa and I promise to keep praying for her through all the next steps to make sure she gets well for good. That her kidneys are healthy and don't have any more boughts like this one. Praying for Bethany too with her sore mouth. Ashley and Corey you guys are a good Mom and Dad and handled all this very well considering all that was going on. It is no wonder that God put these two little flowers into your care and keeping, He trusts you and knows that you are both strong together with Him as your focus as you raise them. Love you both.
Those pictures are so doggone cute!!!

Love yas
Mom / Grammy