Saturday, October 31, 2009

A list about Halloween, read from my Soap Box

In honor of Halloween I have decided to post a list! Because we all know that I love Lists!! There are things I love and things I don't love about Halloween, and in true Ashley Fashion, there are also some serious opinions that follow me around (actually that's not true, they don't follow me around, the generally spew forth from my lips on a regular basis. Whether asked for or not). And since, I'm feeling a little blah, I figured a list was the most logical and self soothing way of sending them all out there.

So, without further adue (if that's how one would spell that), my Halloween List:

Things I love about Halloween:

1. I love seeing all the kidlets dressed up in their uber cute costumes
2. Any holiday that has chocolate as it's focal point (which makes Valentine's Day and Easter pretty sweet too!) is alright with me
3. Mini chocolates are even better because they can be packed easy in diaper bags for emergency bribes snacks and hold enough chocolate to satisfy me without being a caloric overload.
4. Halloween marks the end of October and the induction of November. Before you say duh listen...the start of November means that humming Christmas Carols through the mall is acceptable not weird and Christmas decorations are in abundance.
5. Most importantly Halloween, is always celebrated on October 31st, and October 31st is the day my Mom was born! So that makes it a pretty awesome "holiday" (not sure if you call halloween a holiday) or not, this day is wicked awesome. Without her birth, there wouldn't be my birth or the birth of my children, and that then this blog wouldn't exsist and, subsequently you'd be eternally bored.

Things I dislike/hate about Halloween:

1. I do not love the scary costumes, yard decorations or television shows. I'm a scaredy cat who still can't watch Sleeping Beauty because that witch upsets me! So it's only natural that headless horsemen, dead people and ghoulish figures don't sit well with me.***
2. I dislike how expensive Halloween candy seems to be getting, when I was in retail we did not sell a 12 piece bag of KitKat for $4. Now this might make me cheap, but seriously dude, I could by 3 chocolate bars, cut them up and wrap them in foil for less. If this didn't make me look like a poisoning creepo I just might do it...
3. I hate that any holiday centered around chocolate can result in the tightening of pants. I'm not sure how that happens when each chocolate bar is only 50 calories but after about 25 of them I don't feel so well, and neither do my blue jeans. *cough* Self control *cough, cough*
4. Each Halloween means my Mom celebrates another birthday (which is wonderful, we are always grateful she's here!) but it also means that I will have just had yet another one myself (post about that to come) and that means I'm getting older. I'm not so sure I like getting older. She however is frozen at 29. I counted how many years she's "been 29" and actually laughed out loud in a store, it's over 20 Ha!
5. I am tired of explaining to everyone why I am not dressing my kids up this year. see the paragraph to follow. This also ends THE LIST.

When asked if I am planning on dressing my girls up or taking them trick or treating, my answer this year is no. It is immediately assumed that I disapprove of Halloween or that my relationship with God is stopping me from participating in this, "Satanic Holiday". WRONG! I am not dressing my children up because I don't like dressing up myself, and getting into the mood to dress up two little girls who at this point do not need the huge amount of sugar that comes with trick or treating and who do not care about costumes, feels like more work than I'm ready to take on. So, until they say they are ready or want to participate I'm bailing on my motherly duty.

I grew up in a Christian home, and each and every year participated in Halloween (I don't say celebrated because that takes things to a different level for me). My parents never allowed or encouraged us to dress as anything I deem unacceptable (read: dead, scary, etc) but they did allow us to "be" who or what we wanted to be. It was like taking our dress up box - something similar to the tickle trunk- to the next level. Then as the years passed, and I grew more body conscious I only chose to dress up for work when it was mandatory. Not for anything other than how it made me feel inside. We still carve pumpkins, hand out candy most years and while having a party for my Mom, enjoy the fun that Halloween can be.

My first Halloween

Dressing up under protest ( my tail might be missing because I accidentally peed on it...oops)

This wasn't Halloween but an awesome day!
If you chose to celebrate or not celebrate Halloween that is your choice. I won't judge you on it, I won't force how I feel about it on you, but what I ask is that in return you don't force it on me. Please don't attempt to guilt me into dressing the girls up, or try to make me feel guilty that I don't carry a stake and shout "DOWN WITH HALLOWEEN", while marching up and down the candy laid and pumpkin smashed streets. It won't be guilt you are creating, but rather feeding the wrath that is my temper. I don't believe for one minute that the God that I love and serve has any problem with people dressing up appropriately and having a great time together. I think it pleases Him greatly to see us enjoy the humour and pleasure that can come from being something we aren't for awhile, in moderation, as long as in everything we do we set an example for Him, and offer him praise. I do however believe, that Satan worship, Jesus bashing and reckless behaviour are NOT ok with Him. However, as much as those things are a part of Halloween, they happen year round. The people who are truly focused on the "evil" portion of Halloween, practice their beliefs on a regular basis. I don't agree with them, I don't want those practices in my home, but what you chose to do with you and your life is between you and God. It's not my place to judge (a post on that too is pending). I strongly believe that while Satan is at work on Halloween, doing his business, he's at work everyday and will suceed in doing more damage through my condemnation of someone else, than can be done by dressing a sweet little child up as pumpkin, lamb or Lightning McQueen.

I guess quite simply you could say that the 6th thing on my list of dislikes, is the fact that I find it appalling that there are so many who feel themselves so much holier than the rest, that they can sit and judge the world around them. (We all have our moments of weakness, where an opinion crosses the line into judgement, even me. But I'm not even going there right now) If you truly feels it's wrong, I respect that too but respect me, my space and my choices. Instead of being all "up in ma' face" take it up with the Big Guy (that'd be God, we've got an understanding, He knows I mean that with affection not disrespect). He can handle it, and He will.

So there you have it, the good, the bad and the fugly, by Ashley Stone. Happy Halloween everyone, be safe (and post photos) and most of all Happy 25th, 29th Birthday Mom! We love you!!!!

**If you chose to dress yourself and/or your children up this way. Please don't feel I am judging you but know if I see you I'll probably cringe and look away. It's nothing personal I'm just a wimp.**


Anonymous said...

I like the pics of you, they are cute. I like the way you can explain things so well, it is always easy to get the jist of what you are explainging. Again I will say that you have a gift of writing and are so very blessed. Hope you all have a great last day of October/Birthday celebration.
God bless, Love Mom & John

Kami's Khlopchyk said...

I am down with this! I don't believe Halloween has anything to do with worshipping the devil's just fun. And because it's just fun then you do not have to dress up your little girls, who dont' understand anyway. Good for you for sticking to your guns! And unfortunately to judge is human. We are all sinners!

Anonymous said...

Thanks my dear girl for the birthday wishes for making my birthday a very special one. Lies and all..hahah... She knew Dustin and Kristan were going to be here. Love you

Halloween for me has never been an issue. There are folks that decide to dress up as things I don't like or really disapprove of, their business. Halloween was a day that God decided I should become part of this race we call human. I love it, for everything breath He continues to give with each birthday is a celebration and responsiblity to be whom He wants us to be. We are a work in progress..gotta love it that He didn't just create and walk away. :)

The only costume I remember growing up (and I know there were lots)...the one that stands out in memory now is Casper's girlfriend. I was in love as a 6year old with Casper the friendly Ghost. He was in my eye a hero. My Mom ( your Grammy ) worked really hard to make me a costume that was worth the privledge of being Casper's girlfriend. I felt special and beautiful. I came home wet, and Grammy dried my sheet and let me wear it to bed. I was privledge to be born to a Mom that "got it". Some time in the night she took the sheet but I was a happy little girl. The costumes that I had, or that you and Dustin had wont' make or break you as a person. What they did was give you a chance to take your imagination to a level that was acceptable by all. Halloween never sees little kids as crazy but as creative. Shy kids all of sudden become brave behind those Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles...or the freedom to fly like a butterfly. Halloween... well it means different things to different folks...for me it is a celebration of life ..not only mine in a birthday, but of the blessings God has given me in my dear family.

Happy Halloween ... remember...I may be 29 and holding but what I am holding in my heart is my love for you and your dear family and my dear family.

Love you all!!!
Mom / Grammy

Anonymous said...

Halloween is a day like any other holiday to me we get together with my family and celebrate the Love we have for eachother. Instead of Dinner we have a Large brunch and sit down and "Be".

I am 23 years old and have never missed a year of dressing up because i like how it feels to be someone else for a day. Put on a pretty dress and some really sparkly makeup or spend a weekend with your Grandma sewing a pumpkin costume that 4 of your cousins your Sister and eventually your daughter will wear.
Watching my Dad dig out and set up the 18 bins of decorations, running around like he is 5 again.
Giving out Candy to all the kids who are dressed up.

This year was especially great because I am a Mom. I am a Mom that got to show her daughter off to the whole 5 block radius of strangers and listen to them say how adorable she was and how she took the cutest award etc. I woke up at 7 30 Am and dressed myself (Butterfly) and then woke Chloe and transformed her into my favorite Fairy Tinkerbell( Thank you so much Ash for finding the most perfect official Tink costume) She was so adorable.

As for Satan, Death and Scariness. I am not really for all that, however I was a witch one year. I have to admit that. I certainly am not gonna dress my daughter in anything like that.

I just want to say that just because i am not a Christian, I do have beliefs and I also respect others beliefs. I would never force my opinion on anyone and I do not apreciate when someone else`s beliefs are forced on me. So Ash I completely agree with your list. I am right there with ya!

We had an awesome Halloween and we will continue too.

I also wanted to wish your Mom a very Happy Belated Birthday!

Give the Kids a Kiss for me, Love you all

kim @ mommyknows said...

We're not wimps like you! We like scary. I've felt a wee bit judged this Halloween, not by you.

We don't celebrate Halloween either, we just participate.

My pet peeve is 'licensed costumes', our children are like walking billboards for Disney and Nickelodeon.

Then again, I'm only in charge of my kids and we choose to do creepy. That's all we think they are, not evil etc.

I don't really even like the event, but if the kids want to be scary, creepy they can. We read nothing more into it than that.

I am more concerned that it becoming more about expensive consumer products and marketing, and less about imagination and creativity.

Kim xo

Amanda Brown said...

I always forget just how much Bethany looks like you! I always think I see so much Corey in her, but she's your clone based on all the baby/kid pics I've ever seen of you! So cute!