Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Lists are Neat!*

Lists are neat! In fact, lists aren't even just neat they are necessary! In this house, in my world things don't work without a list, I don't function with out a list and nothing, I repeat nothing (or at least virtually nothing) gets done without a list. So, I write lists. I have a list for "To Do's", "Groceries", "Flyers", "People to Phone", "Christmas ideas", "Craft Ideas", "Blog Posts", "More Blog Posts"...and the list of lists goes on.

And today I had an epiphany. A real, life altering moment...if you take lists (because I ♥ them) and you take blogging (because I love it) and put them in a room together and tell them they can't come out until their friends what do you get.... a blog list! Yay!

What, do you do with a blog list you ask? Well, my friends let me just tell you. You write it up, you send it over to your friends at Mamapedia who have been asking you for a list and you wait. I did that and what happened, well this happened!

That's right, my list for Top Tips to Stretch your Budget has been posted at Mamapedia. Wahoo! Not only can I write a list, but I can share and gain knowledge with/from those around me.

Laaaaaa♪ The angels sang and all was right in the world, at least for a moment while I enjoy the listfulness.

So what should you do about this? Click on the link, go check out my list (which will be continually changing, growing), vote for your favorite idea and/or leave 1 or 20 of your own. Enjoy the wealth of knowledge that is to be had out there and share what gold there is being store between those ears of yours. It's sa-weeeeet and I love it. I betcha you will too!

*I may have used this title before but I can't find it nor remember so I'm using it again. Since I do not keep a blog post title list, this may happen again, consider yourself warned.*

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Anonymous said...

Honey I don't think the link is working. Did I do something wrong?
Love Mom / Grammy