Monday, October 19, 2009


With the chaos of the past week, it's been really nice to just enjoy the simplicity of rainy days with my kidlets. And of course to pull out my dusty camera to capture those moments for days when my memory is foggy.

These days it's really difficult to get Bethany to smile for a picture.  As soon as the camera comes out 1 of 3 things happens.  She will pull out her cheesy, "cheese" smile, will ignore me completely and avoid eye contact or, more commonly throw a world war 3 temper tantrum complete with tears and flailing. 

She was smiling just before this photo.  Then she looked at me and this is the face I got.

Then she looked down, "Avoid Eye Contact and maybe she'll go away!"

"Maybe if I suck my finger I won't smile at the fact that my Mom is making ridiculous faces in a desperate attempt to make me laugh."

"Oh man, not working! NOT WORKING!"

"There, a smile, but I'm not gonna look at you"



"Wait! No, lunch!"

This little girl is almost always, this happy!

"Ok, my turn, pass it over."

She's either thinking or filling her pants, or both.

"Patty Cake, Patty cake..."


Anonymous said...

Those are such awsome pictures, it puts such joy in my heart to see my granddaughters growing up. Thank you for posting the pics. Big hugs to you all, God bless.
Love Mom/Grandma Kimmie

Kami's Khlopchyk said...

I am so glad Audrey is looking so good. You had a terrible scare and I will pray there is no damage to her little kidneys. You did great Mommy, you kept your cool during such a scary time.

Anonymous said...

Kami, she sure did. It was tough watching and not being able to do anything. The Lord was their strength and their love as a family kept them strong. Often times during sickness a mom is the stronghold and my baby girl was that for her family. Corey was the even keel and kept going through a new job and tending to his family. Love you guys and oh man I love those pictures!
Love Mom / Grammy