Monday, November 23, 2009


Bethany's not the only one with changing hair in these here parts.  While my locks are desperately begging for a cut - 9 months is kind of too long to let it go, I'm scared of the scissors.   I love my long hair, but the last stylist went a little crazy and cut it bizarre, and I'm in need of a style update but am completly at a loss.  Anyways, that's not who I'm talking about today, no ideady.  I'm talking about Audrey.

She was born with a full head of dark hair.  Much more hair than Beth had even at birth, it was soft and sweet and I loved it!  The nurse even commented on how dark it was as she handed her to me.   It was as if she couldn't figure out where it came from, "Um seriously lady, have you looked at me, I'm not exactly Goldy Locks and while Corey's is full of grey, it's still pretty dark".

I loved it from the start, spent much time smoothing my hand over it while staring at her beautiful face, dreaming dreams much like the ones I had for Bethany of ribbons and pig tails and all things absolutely girly.

While keeping in mind that odds were it would all fall out and she'd be as bald as B in no time.  She did lose some, and had a cute little bald spot on the back of her head, but she never completly lost it all.  And in what has seemed like no time it's started to grow.  If you notice in many of my photos it's quite spikey, makes me laugh sometimes because it reminds me of a rooster, but it's all dark and fluffy and sweet.  It's not quite as dark as it was when she was born and in the sunlight I'm starting to see signs of the red that naturally streaks my own hair.  It's going to be lovely, I know it.

Yesterday, we reached a milestone with her hair, it was finally clip ready!  Yay!  Wahoo!  Whoot! 

Oh how excited I was to clip the tiny little clips I've been saving for her into her hair, smooth the rest down with a little water and gaze at my other "big girl".  (Note: We do not call her a big girl in front of "Big Girl 'Tone" because, she'd blow her head gasket something like Corey's truck did last week.  We call her a "Big Baby" and are desperately searching for a growing up term that doesn't take away from Bethany's owner ship of big girl, any suggestions?)


*Sigh* My Baby is quickly out growing the babiness, and while growing up is wonderful and sweet, I'm glad that she's not done being a baby just yet, because I'm not ready to let it go. 

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Anonymous said...

Audrey , my little Rosebud. Ohhhh you look so beautiful!! Your clip is sure lucky to be in your hair you make it look so sweet. Grammy Loves you!!!

Love Grammy Hugs