Monday, November 16, 2009

An interview

Over the past few years, from time to time, I've read blogs where parents "interview" their children.  The answers are quite often thought provoking, unexpected and almost always comical.  It's something I've always thought, one day I'll do that.  And then, being that my brain is full of about 14 million things, promptly forgot.

That was the case until last week.  My Mom, who was up at some unearthly hour because a sore back was preventing her from sleeping, sent me an e-mail and reminded me of the intended interview.  I read it (at a better hour because, while the girls may have had me up, I so was not reading e-mails at 3am), and thought, perfect!  What a great way to help aleviate the pending, fall writers block!  So, I complied some questions, followed Bethany around (because let's face it, she doesn't sit still) and here's what we got.

I know it's an old photo, but I can't believe how quickly she's grown.

Me: "Hey kid, what's your name?"
B: "Besany 'Tone"
Me:  "Where do you live?"
B: "To Chiliwack"
Me: "Where does Jesus live?"
B: "In my heart" (sweet deal kiddo!)
Me: "What do you want to be when you grow up?"
B: "A Grammy"
Me: "How many kids are you gonna have?"
B: "Two kids with socks"
Me: "What will you name your kids?"
B: "Silvermist and Ariel"
Me: "What your favorite color?"
B: "Um, green!"
Me: "What does Daddy like in his tea?"
B: "Chocolate Mellows"
Me: "Who's your best friend?"
B: "Dad"
Me: "How old is Mommy?"
B: "Um, 5 or 6"
Me: "What do you do with money?"
B: "Put them in penny banks" (she calls her piggy bank, a penny bank)
Me: "Tell Mommy about when you were little"
B: "I was a monkey."
Me: "You were a monkey?"
B: "Yup, now I a big girl Mom"
Me: "What do you do at church?"
B: "We sing songs!"
Me: "Who do you love?"
B: " Daddy, who does Mommy love?"
Me: "I love Bethany and Audrey"
B: "But who do you like?"
Me: "That's a trick question I'm not answering that! But I love and like you both"
B: "Oh"
Me: "Thanks for the interview Bethany"
B: huge sigh "Your Welcome"

Update - While at dinner at the Spaghetti Factory tonight this conversation happen:
Corey: "Where did you get all this energy from?"
B: "Canadian Tire"


Anonymous said...

That is priceless!!!!! Do it again in 6 months haha Love you dear.

Love Mom / Grammy

Kami's Khlopchyk said...

That was great! My kids usually don't answer, they think and think and think. And then I lose interest. Hmm, do you think they do it on purpose?

The big sigh and the end cracked me up. She's a busy girl you know!

Anonymous said...

"Two kids with socks." Priceless! Definitely got a giggle out of me with that one...

Kimmies said...

Ashley, that is so good, I laughed so hard. It is so good to laugh like that once in awhile. I just love you guys so much.God bless.
Love Mom/Grandma Kimmie

Angella said...

"Canadian Tire"