Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas GIVEAWAY 2 - Let your little light shine!


THE WINNER IS (using  Sierra "Sierra said...

I would have to say ..... The living room! Until the dogs get rowdy and knock them over! So how many entries can I get if I get Miley Cyrus to twitter about this??! Lol

Congratulations Sierra!!!

Note: * Christmas Giveaway #1 - Little Eva Charlotte is closed, click HERE to see who the winner is!*

Are you ready?  I said, ARE YOU READY?

"Why are you shouting at me?!"  you ask?

Well, because it's time to announce our CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAY #2!

I'm sure you've been checking back daily, in anxious anticipation of what the next prize could be.  This one's a goodie.  I've been trying to find a nice way to say it's for grown ups not kids and well, this was the best I could come up with - It's for grown ups, not kids.  Since it requires the ability to either work a child lock bbq lighter (those can be slightly tricky sometimes) or a match (again tricky, I hate using matches..)

Did you guess yet?  I bet those of you who know me did.

If you didn't don't feel bad, just get with the program.  You see, if you think back to what my other, other job is, I am a PartyLite Consultant.  Which means I sell candles at home parties and online.  So it would only make sense that in these winter months, when candle light seems to add warmth to an otherwise chilly day that I would be giving away some candles that I purchased!

That's right folks,  the prize for our CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAY week #2 is...

1 Box of French Vanilla Tealights and 1 Box of Ginger Pumpkin Votives

That's hours of candle burning bliss and together they are a great pair.  And the best part about this contest, THERE IS NO PURCHASE NECESSARY.  That's right, you don't have to spend a time to win some wicked awesome products.  (Now if you felt like you wanted to go over to my website and place an order, I would never stop you.  Especially with the fabulous deals we have this month, and the fact that it will be shipped to your door.  But there's NO PRESSURE!) Ok, plug done. :)

Anyways, want me to stop talking and start telling you how to enter?  Sure.

Christmas Giveaway Week #2
Prize: 1 Box of French Vanilla Tealights and 1 Box Ginger Pumpkin Votives
How to Enter:  There are 3 ways to get your name into the draw

1. Leave a comment here on this post telling me your favorite room in the house to burn candles. (1 entry)

2. Blog about this comment on your own blog, linking back to this post and then come comment telling me about it (2 entries)

3. Write a Facebook Status about it (linking back here, why not share the great blog and Wonderful prizes with all your friends) and then comment and let me know you did it!  (1 entry)

4. Twitter about it.  Again twitter about this contest and then comment to let me know and you'll have another entry. (1 entry)

So if you pull out your calculator and add that up that's a total of 5 entries! To win some great candles for FREE!

Contest opens Monday December 7 2009 and Closes Sunday December 13 2009 at 12:00am!


Tanya said...

I love candles! My fave place to burn them is in my bedroom while reading before bed :)

Angella said...


Michelle L said...

Yay for Partylite candles!! For me, it's a tie, I either burn them in my living room or in my bathroom when I'm having bubble baths :)

The Smith's said...

I didn't know that you sell Partylite!
My favourite place to burn candles is in the middle of the living room floor (my one bedroom shack is only so big) while I read or in the bathroom while I have a bubble bath.

Sierra said...

I would have to say ..... The living room! Until the dogs get rowdy and knock them over! So how many entries can I get if I get Miley Cyrus to twitter about this??! Lol

Jen said...

Ashley this is great.... Very creative :) My fav place to burn candles is in the bathroom haveing a bubble bath, while garths trying to put the crazy kids to bed himself.... serenity now :)!!!! ha ha ha...Love Jen

Kimmies said...

This is so great, it looks and sounds like you are have a great time doing it all. Hope all is well with you all, God bless, Love Mom Kimmie

Caren said...

The place I love to burn candles is the eating area next to the galley kitchen. This makes the adjacent den also smell wonderful.

Niki said...

Oooooh, I hope I win!

Niki said...

Just posted a linky! :)

Niki said...

Forgot. Favorite room. Tie for me: living room for company and bathroom for a relaxing bubble bath.

Anonymous said...

I heard about this from Niki and I love these candles. We have a fireplace in our living room that hasn't been cleaned so we can't actual light a fire. Instead we've put all our candles in it to create that warm cozy living room fire place feel.


Michelle said...

I love burning candles in my living room when I'm watching T.V. I find it very enjoyable with all the scents and relaxing.

Michelle said...

I just left a post on my blog!