Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Some days I feel like Audrey get's the short end of the stick. She's the second baby, the second girl. She has Bethany's hand-me-downs, we already had all the "big" toys because we had Beth first and she gets very little one on one time.

Don't get me wrong, she's abundantly loved, she receives as much love as her sister does (people who say that they love one child more than the next infuriate me. Love is love. You love your children, period. While there are different bonds with different children because they are, well...different. The love, it's the same.), she also gets new clothes (because girl clothes are CUTE! and because I refuse for her to feel second) and new toys. She's just second in line and that means things are different for her.

While I take the time I have with her and cherish it, I also have Bethany there too. Which means that I need to split my attentions. They both need me, the both need my time, love and patience (which can quickly get sapped by an in potty training 2 year old and a teething 10 month old). I used to have hours to spend flaked out on the floor with Bethany, just hanging out and playing. I don't get that very often with Audrey. I shopped for hours alone with Beth, chattering away to her, Audrey always has her sister for company.

I love the time with my two girls. I love watching Bethany play with AJ. She tries very hard to teach Audrey how to play with her little people and cheers her on as she works hard a crawling. There are also those moments when I hear "Mooooom! Audrey pinched/pushed/touched me!"

Seriously kid, she's not even 1 get over it! I mean, "Audrey don't bug your sister"

It's a different world with two kids. A wonderful world and I maintain that now, in this space where the tiny babydom has ended and the worst of the temper tantrums have subsided, is easier than when I had only one baby. They play together, we are a family of four. I like that.

There are also less blogs written exclusively for my Auds. She's my sweet baby, with a dash of jalapeno! She's generally content, almost always smiling and just a super great baby. But when you do something that she's unimpressed with she lets you know. She stiffens up her little body, contorts her face and pitches herself backwards. This is never a good idea, she's finding that out. 

She's trying so hard to learn to crawl, it's right there but she can't quite master it. She'll scoot in circles or backwards, she'll manage to move slowly across a room by scooting on her tooshie but the actual crawling it isn't happenin'. Just like she's trying to walk, she'll walk holding hands, she'll hang on to things standing up but she can't quite figure out how to put it all together.  Everything she does, especially the things she finds challenging she does with her tongue hanging out of her mouth.  Her little chin covered in drool, her face alight with a smile and her tongue, twisted off to the side, hangin' on out. 

And she's starting to talk. "Dadadada" is her favorite phrase. And "Hi!" She'll pretend she's talking on a phone, put her little hand up by her ear and say "Hi, Dad!" I love it. My Audrey is also cheeky, if I say, "Say Mama" she grins and says, "Dada". It's a game, one that Beth has picked up and together they manage to say "Dada" most of the day. I did get one "mama" but that's it.

Life is amazing with this little girlie. I can't believe next month she's 1! Where has time gone! Before I know it she's going to be a toddler. Sigh. She's already well on her way, figuring out how to drive her big sister's quad, alone!

One thing I know for sure, is she might be the second born but she's tied for first place with her sister. She's not second best, second place or second string. She's the #1 Audrey and my little button!

CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAY! Hint #3: The first time I road a quad was with Corey on our third date. I spent 2/3 of the ride trying to keep my feet from getting muddy and smashing my head into his as we went over bumps. Good thing for helmets.

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