Monday, December 28, 2009

A Winner!

Well, that's it.  Christmas is over, all the gifts have been opened, the store shelves empty from Boxing Day madness and the last of the Turkey bloat wearing off.  We're heading towards New Years, but right now, just sitting in the limbo of mid holiday blahness.

But wait!  You have one more thing to bring excitement to your day!  Something you've been anticipating for a week, checking back, commenting and re-commenting about!

That's right, it's the winner of our Christmas Giveaway #4!  The winner's been announced over HERE, click on it and find out who the winner is!

Thanks to everyone who participated.  I've had fun and I hope you have too.  We'll be back to regular blogging for awhile, but who knows, we might throw a contest in here and there.  You'll have to keep coming back to find out!  Or, just keep coming back to oogle the cuteness that is my children :)

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