Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas was good

Christmas was good, great even.  But last week was busy, this week is even busier. 

Busier you ask?  How is that possible?  Let me tell you we have New Year's and then a schmozel of birthdays, beginning with Bethany's 3rd  birthday on Saturday.

So, because I have way too many things to do I'm just going to say we had a great Christmas, and give you some photos from the day with some captions.  But take heart, there are many more posts, with stories, and theories, and such, as well as videos and of course copious amounts of pictures to come.

Tonight, I'm just too tired.

Christmas morning started at 7:00am!  The girls both (who normally are asleep later than that) were up and full of energy!  Mommy and Daddy had been up until 2am wrapping gifts and things and did not have said energies.  Corey's face is proof.

Bethany's favorite gift (and one that took me 4 months to track down and 3 months to get) a "Molly Dolly" from The Big Comfy Couch.  They aren't in production any more and I had to search ebay for one.  She hasn't replaced Sarah but is a new best friend for the pair.

Audrey has almost as much fun watching Bethy as she did opening her gifts.

Daddy showing Audrey how to play with her new mailbox

A quick "Cheese" to get Mommy off her back so she could go back to the toys.

Audrey wearing the pretty new dress from NanNan and Grandpa Lloyd.  Notice Bethany off to the side, she's doing what she's done since Christmas, playing more with Audrey's toys than her own! Kids!

Audrey doing her best impression of Mommy.

Dancing along with our infamous snowman.

Story time with Grammy, Bethy's wearing her new NanNan dress.

Christmas Cracker hats

Playing with Papa, waiting for our supper.

It was impossible to get this kid to smile and look at me.  She was so busy watching everything Bethany was doing. 

Snuggling her Grammy and new Raggady Ann Doll

These are just the pictures from Christmas day, there are so many more to share.  With some super awesome surprises and visits from family that's already been and family that will be here soon!

Good night and good sleeps!


Hampers said...

Nice blog. You have very cute kids. enjoyed the Christmas picture of your blog. Have a great New year.

Angella said...

Looks like a great day! Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

HI Sweetie,
We didn't take a picture of you with the hat!! Sheeesh. Your mother is a dope sometimes. We need to make sure we do that more. Your babies will look for those pictures when they get older. Sorry Honey. Will do better next time.
Love you!
Mom / Grammy