Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Dance Story

It's Sunday, I have so much to say (big surprise there) and so many photos to share (yet another surprise), but I'm tired, I'm lazy and I've also got a video or two that are sharable!

My children were born with music in their souls.  I can remember one time feeling Bethany kick while in utero and thinking, "Man, that kids got rhythm".  Then I thought, "If she doesn't quit kicking me right now I'm gonna do some fancy bending and kick her right back!"  It has soothed them, occupied them, and has been the source of all things groove related.  Bethany's moves have evolved over time and she's becoming quite the ballerina.  Her twirls and spins quite often send her sprawling on the floor, amidst giggles and singing.  Somedays I fear she is doomed to develop her mother's Hitch style moves , and other's I think, slick is what we'll call her.

What has once again surprised me though ,is the differences between Bethany and Audrey.  While they both LOVE the music, and love to dance and sing, their moves are as different as their faces and personalities.  It's wonderful, sweet and so wonderful.  I managed to capture a few moments of Audrey's newest moves the other day and figured I'd share.

But wait!  That's not all, I didn't just get her moves, I also managed to catch a few minutes of her new language and reading skills.  As is evident in this clip, she's a genius who is reading primary readers at 1 and by age 3 will have read the entire webster's dictionary, have favorite volumes of the encyclopedia and will be graduating from UBC with her Masters in Literature.  Ooooorrrrr, she'll just continue to entertain her family with her tales, learn to read at the appropriate age and lead a normal and healthy life.  We'll have to see...

Dancing Story from Ashley Stone on Vimeo.

Her story continued on for 5.5 minutes, it was so cute!  She'll babble and talk like that all day, throwing in what sounds like a regular word every now and again.

It was such a throw back for me to this video...

A day in the life... from Ashley Stone on Vimeo.

Sigh, They grow so fast!  Happy Sunday everyone!


Anonymous said...

That is so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my gawsh... they are way too sweet!!!!! Audrey you are going to soon read Grammy a story and I can just see by those eyes that the story will be so exciting. Bethany, your reading skills and memory amazes Grammy so much. Two smart adorable amazing wonderful baby girlies.... Rosebud and Sweet Pea. Love you!!!

Grammy :)

Anonymous said...

Ashley, I know I say this all the time, but your girls are just the best :) I sure wish I could see them more often. I am really glad you post about them as often as you do, I love to see all the pictures - I hope I'm as camera happy as you are - memories are made to be remembered!