Thursday, April 2, 2009

Dancing Queen

We are a musical house. It is very rare that you will find my home without music or noise. I grew up in a very musical home and with that also comes the inevitable shaking of the groove thang. I learned to jive at a young age with my Mom and quite often we could be found in our living room (my brother and I) shaking our booties in front of a turned off TV. You know because you can see yourself "on TV".

Anyways fast forward 20 something years and I have my own performer in the making. A good friend of mine aptly named her Little Miss Hollywood. Oh, how she likes to perform... Of course her greatest shows come in dance form. Remember her New Groove? and then who could forget Father Abraham . As time passes her "move" develope and her rhythm improves but the one thing that never changes is the great joy she takes in dancing. Or the great joy we get from watching.

Here's the latest moves. Please pardon the camera shake. I may or may not have been having trouble keeping my own booty still.

Dancing Queen from Ashley Stone on Vimeo.


Kristina said...

Loved seeing that bootie shake! Go Bethany, shake it girl :)

Anonymous said...

bethany is going to have to teach garth how to dance... jenny