Friday, January 15, 2010

For my Princess

Bethany's birthday was wonderful!  A great gathering of friends and family.  She felt loved, was spoiled and all had a good time.  I was exhausted but the help from two Moms (thanks to the double Jackies!) made that lessened. 

Anyways, before her party Corey and I gave Bethany her gift from us.  Her very own jewelry box.  She's been in love with mine for ages.  And while one day she hopes to have a very special one made for her by Papa like he made Mommy's years ago, this was one made especially for a three year old little girl. 

She was amazed by the tiny ballerina inside and has played the tune from Swan Lake over and over again.  The tiny "pearl" necklace and bracelet she found inside had her staring at me in wonder.  It was the perfect finishing touch to her princess birthday outfit (complete with tiara).

*Sigh* Time really goes too fast, and kids really do grow up so quickly.

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Anonymous said...

She was the most gorgeous princess around. I love you my dear Sweet Pea.
Love Grammy