Saturday, January 23, 2010

That's Mr.Lurker to you!

A week or so ago, the blog world celebrated a holiday of sorts.  One that, due to the fact that life has been insane around here and we have all been sick, I kind of let slide.  However, I did not forget.

It's not the sort of holiday that requires the purchase of gifts, it does not support or even participate in consumerism, it's well known and wide spread, and when it's gifts are given brings joy to the authors of blogs world wide!

All you Blog-Bettys out there know what I'm talking about, everyone else is now sitting, staring at their screen with a small trickle of drool running down their face.  Yes, I have a point, and of course I will tell you.

It was DeLurking Day!

"Huh?" you say.

Delurking day is the day that demands you come out from hiding.  It is a day to celebrate, our commenters.  A chance to say thanks to everyone who comments on a regular basis and the opprotunity to harass and basically guilt the rest of you silent visitors into leaving a comment, into making yourself known.

Most of us know you are there, if you scroll down to the bottom of my blog you will see my friendly "Hit Counter".  It doesn't record the number of times Audrey attempts to club me in the face with whatever toy she's hanging onto at the moment (although these days the numbers are probably very similar.  She's turning into quite the brute, a sweet brute.), but it counts the number of people who "hit" or visit our site each day.  I know ya'll are here, I can see where you are in the country.  Unfortunately for me and probably fortunately for you (if you're like me and check your e-mail first thing in the morning when your hair looks like a family of sparrows have moved in) it does not link to your webcam and show me who you are.

And, for many who blog a good portion of why we do what we do is because we love the feedback.  I don't write this blog because I need you to comment, I write this blog because I love to write and I hope that the things that I write and the photos that I share leave you moved or inspired to comment.  To tell me about your day, your thoughts or, of course to tell us how beautiful our children are (although we can see that for ourselves).  If I could make my living writing, I would.  It is salve to my soul and starts at the core of who I am.  I'd write if you were here or not, but because you are here, TALK TO ME!
It's no fun going for coffee with a friend and being the only one talking.  Which is something similar to trying to have a conversation with Corey or his brother Scott while the TV is on, you might at well talk to a bowl of Rice Krispies, because at least they "Snap, Crackle, and Pop!"  Chelsea and I are lucky some days if we get a fizzle.

When you comment, I feel loved, I feel inspired to write more, to either write you back or write about you.  When you comment I can visit your blog and say hello right back, keep up on you like you keep up on me. 

I know the anxiety that comes with commenting, the fear of sounding stupid, the fear that once you're "out" of the perverbial closet you can never go back in, but don't worry.  It's not so bad, I won't think you're stupid, I will only laugh if your comment was supposed to be funny and I will never ridicule.  I will leave your comments up unless they are offensive or mean, but if they are simply a disagreement with what I've said, they will remain.  I've been a lurker, I've stayed quiet while reading the 'famous" blogs because I too didn't want to come out.  But those days are over, this is the safest place to let your voice be heard!  I can't see your face, I can't bop you a new one if I don't like what you say, as I've already mentioned I'm oblivous to whether or not your hairs brushed, your teeth are clean or for that matter if you are clothed (if you are not, don't share, please DO NOT SHARE). 

Ok, so enough of that, here's the deal.  We're not going to just celebrate Delurking Day, we're going to celebrate you and the wonderful world of blogs.  Thanks to this thing called a Blog I can write, I can be me and you can be you, and that is something to celebrate.

Not sure what to say?  Feel like this is one of those home parties where the consultant asks you to say your name, your age, your bra size, how old you were the first time you went down the waterslides topless (oh wait, that was just me).  I'll simplify it.

Comment about one of the following things:

1. Look out your window and tell me what the weather is doing right now.  Are you happy or sad about it, what would you rather it be doing out there?

2. Is this your first visit or your thirty first?  How long have you been lurking?

3. Should I do a February giveaway, in honor of Valentine's Day?  What should I give away?

4. Of course, you can chose to comment about anything else you'd like.  And as always, feel free to oogle at the sweetness that is my children.

Happy Delurking everyone!


Anonymous said...

Ashley, I can't even remember when I started reading your blog, it was definitely awhile ago! I have really enjoyed watching your girls grow and will continue to be reading. I will try to comment more often!

Janice Vandyk said...

love reading your blog and love your give aways!

Kimmies said...

You are such an incredible writer, and I just love reading your blog and seeing my granddaughters. Yes they are beautiful, but I am kinda partial to them and you and my son, so I guess that is a no brainer. The weather here is ice and cool -12, and at this moment trying to snow. It has been a very mild winter here and crappy, as I love the snow. I hope you are all feeling better and on the mend with your health. God bless you all, Love Mom/grandma Kimmie

Jen said...

I'm always poking around!

And right now it's BLIZZARDING! We are snowed in and I'm feeling the need to get out!

The Smith's said...

Ola! I've been reading your blog for quite a while now and I don't remember how I discovered it probably through some other persons blog. The weather here is... not very nice... it is snowing and has been since Friday and I believe is going to continue for the next few days. However, it is not -20 or colder so that is a very good thing! But it is supposed to get there later this week.
Thanks for blogging and sharing your pictures!

Anonymous said...

Just Mom here. Been reading your writing since you began...long before Blog days. You have a wonderful gift my dear girl to put on paper what your heart & imagination take you in flight through your thoughts. It is fun, always has been. I have put away one of the stories your wrote in High School that even prompted a call from your teacher to say it was amazing. Keep it up Honey. And of course the pictures of the girls and you and Corey and oh yes can't forget the videos, are so much fun and amazing. Thanks for taking the time to do all the writing you do and for sharing who you are with so many. I love you and Corey and your dear girls so much. Have a wonderful day, let this day be an inspiration for what will in another day be a , blog post. :)
Love Mom / Grammy

Andrea said...

What sweet little lovelies you have there!