Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Oneder*

She arrived one year ago today.  In a flurry of barf, inductions, pain, shouts (hey nobody said it was pretty) and with lightning speed.  When she came out black hair and all, before she'd even let out the first of many cries she crossed her arms, a show of what I know now is her impish personality.  As every princess does she scored nicely on her first test and then she was in my arms.  All 8lbs 1 oz of beautiful, tiny Audrey Joy Stone. 

And, like I did with her sister before her I fell, head over heals completely in love with this new little person who'd finally decided to vacate my premises and join us here, on the outside.  I thanked her, even if her arrival was fast and a little more painful that it would have been if I'd had some sweet drugs, I was grateful that I could finally not be pregnant and now be the Mommy of two.

Over the past year it has amazed me how time has flown.  I know I said that with Bethany, but I feel as though the clock sped up yet again for my little Audrey.  My head knows that she was a baby, I even have a few memories of it, but it didn't feel like it lasted more than a blink. 

She was my happy newborn, generally content, a good eater and just a sweet little girl.  She got to keep all the beautiful black hair she was born with, it's grown quite a bit now and sticks up all over the place (my Mom says it reminds her of Kate from Jon and Kate.  Let's hope AJ's life is a little less chaotic!) and is lighter, it feathers her ears and holds a clip quite nicely. Oh, how I love having girls!  And much to my relief the hair that was on her ears and back when she was born finally fell off, no more calling her a "Werewolf" for Uncle D, phew.

Our little Rosebud has got some lungs on her, and when she cries, no matter what the reason you would swear she feels as though her soul is breaking.  There has never been anyone so sad, and for a moment you want to give her the world on a silver platter.  Then you realize that the only reason she's sobbing is because you are refusing to hold her hands and walk around the house for lap number 35 of the toddle races, and you kiss her, hand her a toy and gently tell her to "get over it!".

AJ's smile has brightened this house in a whole new way.  She is the love of her sister's life, and while Bethany can get very frustrated by a now crawling Audrey who tries desperately to take anything and everything her big sister has, she also is the first to try to sooth the above mentioned cry.  (Unless she herself is having a fit, which Auds generally joins in on, and then Bethany screams louder shouting "NO AUDREY!"  Awesomeness, pure, hair pulling awesomeness)  I love watching their relationship grow, imagining the moments they will share together as the years pass.  Sleepovers and talking about boys (only their cooties of course, boy liking will be discouraged until their late 30's when a person is truly ready to tackle the vast expanse of confusion that is the male mind), doing each other's hair and shopping for clothes.  Buying prom dresses and then wedding ones.  The moments we will all have, us 3 girls, excite and scare me at the same time!

Then there is Daddy.  As with every little girl, Audrey is her Daddy's little girl.  Corey has taken a really active role in Audrey's life, tucking her into bed most nights, bathing her and of course doing what daddies do best, playing with her.  Audrey gets shreik excited when Corey is home and just the mention of Daddy has her searching the house for him.  If she's playing with a phone, her conversation always begins, "Hi Dad!".  Their bond is growing with each day, and will be the foundation for her on everything good and right in this world.  In his love she will learn self worth, self esteem and true love.  In Corey, Audrey will learn about God's goodness and feel His love.  And in her, Corey will find more joy than we ever imagined possible, because now, he has 2 princesses to light is way!

My baby is growing up.  She's become my world, my breath and my love.  She's a wonderful little girl, who's cries pack a whollop, who's smile is contageous and breathtaking and who's loving personality, full of hugs and gooey kisses, makes you fall in love with her more and more each day.

Who knew, all those years ago when I dreamed of having children that I would be blessed with the Sweetest of Sweetpeas and the loveliest of Rosebuds!

Audrey's 1! from Ashley Stone on Vimeo.

The song with this video makes  me think of my girl and is my prayer for her. 

Happy Birthday my Rosie!  We love you!

*Said, Wonder, not O-need-er, taken from the Movie "That Thing you Do".  Haven't seen it, go rent it!*


Kami's Khlopchyk said...

Aw, what a sweet tribute to your little girl!
Happy birtday Audrey!

Amanda Brown said...

So sweet, Ashley! Happy Birthday, Audrey!

Kimmies said...

That is an awsome tribute to Audrey 1st Birthday.
She is such a blessing. We are sorry we were not there to celebrate there, with you all.
It looks like Audrey had a great birthday.

John/Grandpa & Mom/Grandma

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday little girl

Love you to pieces..

Granpa and Nanny Sue

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday my darling little Rosebud. You are one!! Oh Grammy loves you so much. You are growing up so fast. You make your Grammy so happy and so proud. Jesus had blessed us so much :)
Love Grammy