Friday, February 12, 2010


Life around these parts has finally tapered off a little.  Not that it's easy, simple or boring because with 2 children and 2 adults under one roof you are bound to have some adventures.  It's just that the crazed going from here to there and back to here with a group of company thrown in the mix, has subsided.  Ahhhhh.

It's kind of nice, nice to have my family to myself for awhile.  Nice to not worry about having to clean little messes up as they happen (not that I don't clean but I might put them off in favor of playing Little People with the girls), nice to have only 1 birthday party to attend this month and I don't have to bake the cake, do the party favors or put out chips and dip.  And really, just nice to get back to a routine.  I love routine, I need routine in fact. 

Some may say routine in boring, I say it's stable, comforting, predicatable.  Yes!

And don't worry about boring, I may have a routine back  but I have a 1 year old and a 3 year old, life here is anything but boring....

Earlier this week (or was it last week...) Audrey was playing off on her own, being really good.  Bethany was off on another part of the living room, playing on her own, and like her little sister was being good.  I had just finished playing piano for them - something they really enjoy, and when I got up I witnessed something I didn't think would happen for a few years, if ever.  Bethany got up, walked across the room, wound up and kicked her sister in the tushie and then turned around and walked back to what she was playing with.  All without saying a word.  For a second I stood there dumbfounded (um excuse me, no comment please!), then fought the urge to laugh at how ridiculous it was, then walked over, said nothing, gave B a well deserved swat on the behind and had a conversation about why kicking your sister is not nice.  And when I asked her, "Why, oh Why did you kick your sister?" she shrugged and said what I hoped never to hear from either of my children, "I dunno" AHHHH!


This whole turning a year business has brought out new sides of Audrey.  She's taken the roll of "almost big girl" very seriously.  She has decided that she does not want to be fed, anything.  When I try to feed her some soup, yogurt, etc she'll try over and over to snatch the spoon from my hands and jam it into her mouth her self, subsequently smearing food all over her face and hands.  If I refuse to hand over said spoon she'll wail as if I've plucked each and every one of her eye brow hairs and then refuse to open her trap.  Most days I cut up any and everything I can from our meal and let her eat with her fingers, just to avoid the above mentioned scene.  She has also found her inner 'Tude.  It's a moody 'Tude.  One minute she's lifes happiest baby, making cute faces and 'singing", the next she's flinging her little body backwards onto the floor, wailing until the neighbours think we're amputating her big toe all the while keeping one eye open for the moment she "wins" and someone does what she wanted.  Problem is, we don't usually do whatever it is she wanted.  So she'll eventually give it up, or I will go and pick her up - because she's 1 ya'll and I'm not going to leave her cry for ever - then I wipe the copious amounts of drool and snot from her face and she'll carry on, as if nothing ever happened.


The other morning, both girlies decided they were going to sleep in my bed from 6am to 7am (because in this house 7am is morning not any earlier) and when I say sleep I mean, Audrey fell into a good sleep while Bethany thrashed around and tossed from side to side for an hour.  My idea of sleep was quickly thrown out the window when I received the fifth elbow to the ribs.  I don't know if it was Bethany's squirming or a dream but out of no where Audrey sat up and started bawling.  While I tried to untangle my arms from around both girls, which some how managed to get wrapped up in the blankets, Bethany leaned over, wrapped her arms around her sister and said, "It's ok Audrey, your Mommy here.  Your Big girl here, I here.  It's ok"  Audrey, who usually pushes her sister away with great force, layed her head on Beth's shoulder and settled right down.  It seemed all she need was B.  If I hadn't been pinned under two little girls, too many blankets and caught up in the moment I would have got up and got the camera.  But I didn`t, instead I layed there, watching my girls, falling in love with them all over again


Audrey has become a shoe lover.  She'll go to great lengths to get a pair of shoes to play with.  Being that she's on the brink of walking we are slowly transitioning from her Robeez when we go out to big girl shoes.  Until now, she's only had Bethany's shoes to love, but now she has her very own pair.  A few of them in fact.  If I leave the door to the mudroom open, she'll crawl at mach 3 to get in there and get her tiny little hands on a pair of her shoes.  She'll then try over and over to put them on.  Her big sister puts on her shoes so, of course, Audrey wants to do it too.

Shoes from Ashley Stone on Vimeo.

The antics around these parts keep life from being boring.  But the return to a semi-normal routine has made my life easier, calmer and more enjoyable.

Happy Weekend Everyone!


Anonymous said...

All I can write this morning is this....
I love those two so much!!! I love thier Mom and Dad so much!!!

Love Mom / Grammy

Kami's Khlopchyk said...

Yes, life is always interesting isn't it! I love your stories about their 'tudes!