Monday, February 8, 2010

Leave 'em on or take 'em off

I'm not sure how we got started, I'm even sure there was a purpose to the conversation.  But like many before it, my Mom and I sat discussing something that while highly unimportant, quickly became very intriguing and highly entertaining.  A conversation, that due to it's subject, naturally sent me on a Google search for the "truth"!

Any guesses on what we were talking about?  Was it how Octomom, managed to pose for this photo, and wants us all to believe nothing has been done to her belly post delivery of 8 BABIES? Maybe it was the eternal debate Coke vs. Pepsi (to which Coke will always win!).  Or maybe we were discussing the fact that TV manages to portray a horrible message to young people everywhere by pairing young, gorgeous, skinny women with middle aged, chubby, "funny guys" in sitcoms.  Make us feel once again inferior.

While all of those are titallating (am I the only person who giggles everytime they say that word?), and as useless as the next they were not the topic of discussion that day.

No, we were talking about the debate on shoes on or shoes off when entering a person's home.  Captivating I know!

You see, I read somewhere (I think MSN but don't hold me to that), that in the USA people do not remove their shoes when entering someone's home.  If you notice on Friends, Will and Grace, etc. they never remove their shoes going in.  And while my Mom argued that's just the magic of television (at it's finest, ya'll) I argued that it's somewhat based on fact.  She said she's got many a friend in the U. S of A and she's always removed her shoes in their homes.  I said, heck, there was even a Sex and the City episode where Carrie lost a pair of Manolos because she had to remove them at a party and was shocked!  That in it's self proves fact.

New shoes for Bethany and Audrey.  I was so excited to find matching ones! 

So, I did what I always do when I want to be right and prove that she is wrong need to find useful information, I searched the W. W. W.!  And what I found, astounded me.

It's actually a debate!  A "thing" that people blog (beside me) about, create forums about, take a pole over!  Turns out, as per usual I was right, I think.  In general, according to the internet in the United States people do not remove their shoes while entering a home.  And again, in general here in C-eh-N-eh-D-eh we do remove our shoes.  Some of the reasons and responses on this theory had me laughing and one maybe even made me snort. 

I figured ya'll could use a good laugh or two, since my last post was some what ranty, so here ya go a snipit or two from the Great Shoe Debate...


Canadians always remove their shoes

It seems that this is a north-south issues. In artic nations (like Canada) it is expected that you will remove your outdoor shoes when you go to someone's house. Some people will bring indoor shoes with them as part of their outfit. You are obviously not going to wear snow and salt covered boots and shoes in someones home! In any case, because of this the culture is to remove your shoes year round. I do remember as a kid my grandparents telling me to keep my shoes on but they grew up in the USA. I always thought they were nuts! Must be hard for Americans in the northern states if the culture is to keep them on.
—Guest Jeff Canada

Um, "artic nations" Jeff, suck wind!  Sure we're further North than our American friends but dude I had real snow in my yard once this winter, ONCE!  I've never seen an igloo, I don't wear a parka or eat blubber and last I checked the only thing on my boots is a little dust and maybe a few pieces of gravel.

The unstinky feet!
Shoes ON

We put shoes on to go swimming or take showers but we should remove them when we enter a house? I see I'm in the minority, but I do not want your shoes taken off at my house. Shoes at the door make more junk on the floor to trip over and without shoes to protect your feet, you could be injured. I value your visit, so I won't fret that I might need to clean my carpet sooner if you keep your shoes on. My feet actually hurt without proper support and I'm sure I am not the only one with this problem. Some say it's common sense, yet I feel it has become common nonsense.

Well, unless I'm at the gym or in some dingy truck stop (to which I've never been) I don't wear shoes in the shower.  Do you keep your socks on too Jancydat?  I wonder how your feet smell... And as for injuries, I'm a clumsy girl, I can manage to walk into a door jam with or without footwear and unless you wear steel toed boots, you run the risk of stabbing through your foot if you drop a knife either way.  What I want to know is, do you sleep with them on too?
Blown Away

As a Canadian I honestly thought that in the television shows people just left shoes on just because it would mess with the flow of the program with having people take them off. Having the last person say that they keep their shoes on all day long and not take them off, wear them all over their house sounds kinda gross to me. I have never left my shoes on, even at parties, and no one that I have ever met has. In retrospect I take my shoes off and my house certainly doesn't smell like feet. Or like the dog crap and everything else you would track in if you did wear your shoes.

—Guest big-t.
Can I get an "Amen" for Big-T!
I could keep going but if you're reading our blog, then you have internet access, so you could Google them youselves.  And if you're having one of those days, then I highly recommend you do.  The debate continues on another site, over the fact that it's an ethnicity thing...I chose to take the racially high road and not post those things.  Then there is the lady who talks about the fungus that will grow in your carpet if shoes are removed.  Which I guess is a valid point, if you NEVER SHAMPOO THEM. 
Audrey LOVES shoes!  She will go and get her shoes, or B's shoes and crawl around the house trying to get my to put them on her.  I can see our future already, and it's looking expensive!
So, what do you do?  Shoes on?  Shoes Off?  Do you leave them on and upon entering someone's home, especially someone with small children, also add a hard hat, reflective vest and brass knuckles, just to be safe ya know?  Weigh in, let me know.  And do you believe it's a USA vs Canada thing, or is it purely preference?


The Smith's said...

Funny thing... up here in Northern Alberta, you don't just take your shoes off in peoples houses but in businesses, the blood lab, peace diagnostic imaging, etc. It is normal here. In fact my office (granted it is an oil company, and we work out in the industrial park) has a sign on the door to remove all footwear and everyone, no matter what footwear they have on, removes it. I'm a take my shoes off kind of girl when it comes to others houses however I almost always pack my slippers as my feet get cold.

Anonymous said...

hahah... nah you aren't right dear girl because the debate is still out. I traveled in several states over the years and everyone, EVERYONE, of the homes I was at everyone removed their shoes. If I knew what the sound is that comes out of my mouth when I stick my tongue out at you,... well you know...

Love you!!


Karie said...

I was raised to doff one's shoes before entering.... not sure if it is a Canadian or USA thing... but it was a "Mom says" scenario in our house 'n I for one was not that interested in seeing her ire. I do want to add a memory to this issue.... We used to go to my girlfriend's late mommy's home. When you walked in there was a host of slippers for everyone..male..female.. children.... I always thought ...."now that's love"....
Welcome to my Home.....

Love... love your blogs.... off to read your next one... xo